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2020A complementary filter design on SE(3) to identify micro-motions during 3D motion trackingPhan, Gia-Hoang; Hansen, Clint; Tommasino, Paolo; Hussain, Asif; Formica, Domenico; Campolo, Domenico
 2020Design and characterization of an instrumented hand-held power tool to capture dynamic interaction with the workpiece during manual operationsPhan, Gia-Hoang; Hansen, Clint; Tommasino, Paolo; Hussain, Asif; Campolo, Domenico
2020Estimating human wrist stiffness during a tooling taskPhan, Gia-Hoang; Hansen, Clint; Tommasino, Paolo; Budhota, Aamani; Mohan, Dhanya Menoth; Hussain, Asif; Burdet, Etienne; Campolo, Domenico
2017An extended passive motion paradigm for human-like posture and movement planning in redundant manipulatorsTommasino, Paolo; Campolo, Domenico
 2018Geometry of contact during tooling tasks via dynamic estimationPhan, Gia-Hoang; Tommasino, Paolo; Hussain, Asif; Hansen, Clint; Castagne, Sylvie; Campolo, Domenico
2014H-Man: A Planar, H-shape Cabled Differential Robotic Manipulandum for Experiments on Human Motor ControlCampolo, Domenico; Tommasino, Paolo; Gamage, Kumudu; Klein, Julius; Hughes, Charmayne Mary Lee; Masia, Lorenzo
2021A Hessian-based decomposition characterizes how performance in complex motor skills depends on individual strategy and variabilityTommasino, Paolo; Maselli, Antonella; Campolo, Domenico; Lacquaniti, Francesco; D'Avella, Andrea
2014Motor adaptation with passive machines: A first study on the effect of real and virtual stiffnessTommasino, Paolo; Melendez-Calderon, A.; Burdet, E.; Campolo, Domenico
2015Upper extremity proprioception in healthy aging and stroke populations, and the effects of therapist- and robot-based rehabilitation therapies on proprioceptive functionHughes, Charmayne Mary Lee; Tommasino, Paolo; Budhota, Aamani; Campolo, Domenico