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2018Amorphous ternary nanoparticle complex of curcumin-chitosan-hypromellose exhibiting built-in solubility enhancement and physical stability of curcuminWong, Jerome Jie Long; Lim, Li Ming; Tran, The-Thien; Wang, Danping; Cheow, Wean Sin; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2024Assessing the permeability of supersaturating drug delivery system of amorphous drug-polyelectrolyte/protein nanoplexes in Caco-2 cell monolayerTran, The-Thien; Cheow, Wean Sin; Chua, Angeline; Yang, Guang; Poenar, Daniel Puiu; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2022Beyond tablets’ physical characteristics: incorporating environmental sustainability metrics into the selection of lubricants for pharmaceutical tabletingHadinoto, Kunn; Tran, The-Thien; Cheow, Wean Sin
 2022Comparing environmental impacts of direct compaction versus wet granulation tableting methods for drugs with poor flowability by life cycle assessmentHadinoto, Kunn; Tran, The-Thien; Chua, Angeline; Cheow, Wean Sin
2016Controlling the burst release of amorphous drug–polysaccharide nanoparticle complex via crosslinking of the polysaccharide chainsNguyen, Minh-Hiep; Tran, The-Thien; Hadinoto, Kunn
2019An evaluation of inhaled antibiotic liposome versus antibiotic nanoplex in controlling infection in bronchiectasisTran, The-Thien; Yu, Hong; Vidaillac, Celine; Lim, Albert Y. H.; Abisheganaden, John A.; Chotirmall, Sanjay Haresh; Hadinoto, Kunn
2022Lyophilization of curcumin–albumin nanoplex with sucrose as cryoprotectant: aqueous reconstitution, dissolution, kinetic solubility, and physicochemical stabilityChua, Angeline; Tran, The-Thien; Pu, Siyu; Park, Jin-Won; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2023Maintaining supersaturation generation and protein integrity of amorphous curcumin-albumin nanoplex during storage by freeze drying with trehaloseTran, The-Thien; Chua, Angeline; Pu, Siyu; Park, Jin-Won; Hadinoto, Kunn
2017Millifluidic synthesis of amorphous drug-polysaccharide nanoparticle complex with tunable size intended for supersaturating drug delivery applicationsTran, The-Thien; Nguyen, Minh-Hiep; Tan, Yong Zen; Chew, Jia Wei; Khan, Saif A.; Hadinoto, Kunn
2018A new therapeutic avenue for bronchiectasis : dry powder inhaler of ciprofloxacin nanoplex exhibits superior ex vivo mucus permeability and antibacterial efficacy to its native ciprofloxacin counterpartTran, The-Thien; Vidaillac, Celine; Yu, Hong; Yong, Valerie Fei Lee; Roizman, Dan; Chandrasekaran, Ravishankar; Lim, Albert Yick Hou; Low, Teck Boon; Tan, Gan Liang; Abisheganaden, John A.; Koh, Mariko Siyue; Teo, Jeanette; Chotirmall, Sanjay Haresh; Hadinoto, Kunn
2021A potential quorum-sensing inhibitor for bronchiectasis therapy: quercetin–chitosan nanoparticle complex exhibiting superior inhibition of biofilm formation and swimming motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to the native quercetinTran, The-Thien; Hadinoto, Kunn
2018A simple strategy to enhance the in vivo wound-healing activity of curcumin in the form of self-assembled nanoparticle complex of curcumin and oligochitosanNguyen, Minh-Hiep; Lee, Suen Ern; Tran, The-Thien; Bui, Chi-Bao; Nguyen, Thi-Huynh-Nga; Vu, Ngoc-Bich-Dao; Tran, Thi-Thuy; Nguyen, Trong-Hoanh-Phong; Nguyen, Thi-Thu; Hadinoto, Kunn
 2020Ternary nanoparticle complex of antibiotic, polyelectrolyte, and mucolytic enzyme as a potential antibiotic delivery system in bronchiectasis therapyTran, The-Thien; Hadinoto, Kunn