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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Additive Manufacturing for Active Electronic Components: A ReviewSaengchairat, Nitipon; Chua, Chee Kai; Tran, Tuan
 2020Anisotropic behaviours of droplets impacting on dielectrowetting substratesVo, Quoc; Fujita, Yuta; Tagawa, Yoshiyuki; Tran, Tuan
 2021Bouncing-to-wetting transition of water droplets impacting soft solidsMitra, Surjyasish; Vo, Quoc; Tran, Tuan
2017Confined wetting of water on CNT web patterned surfacesZhao, Yugang; Lin, Rongzhou; Tran, Tuan; Yang, Chun
2018Contact line friction of electrowetting actuated viscous dropletsVo, Quoc; Tran, Tuan
2022Conversion of in-process optical and thermal data into a single 3D file representing printing process in powder bed fusionZhang, Xuan; Nguyen, Ngoc-Vu; Tran, Tuan
2019Critical conditions for jumping dropletsVo, Quoc; Tran, Tuan
2018Critical heat flux enhancement in pool boiling through increased rewetting on nanopillar array surfacesNguyen, Thien-Binh; Liu, Dongdong; Wang, Baomin; Rashin, Nabeel; Leu, Paul W.; Tran, Tuan; Md Imrul Kayes
 2022Direct numerical simulation of evaporating droplets based on a sharp-interface algebraic VOF approachShang, Xiaopeng; Zhang, Xuan; Nguyen, Thien-Binh; Tran, Tuan
2021Droplet ejection by electrowetting actuationVo, Quoc; Tran, Tuan
 2018Droplet impact on heated powder bedLiu, Dongdong; Tan, Hong-Wei; Tran, Tuan
 2021Dynamics of droplets under electrowetting effect with voltages exceeding the contact angle saturation thresholdVo, Quoc; Tran, Tuan
2019The ejecting lamella of impacting compound dropletsLiu, Dongdong; Tran, Tuan
2018Emergence of two lamellas during impact of compound dropletsLiu, Dongdong; Tran, Tuan
 2021Enhancement of convective heat transfer using magnetically flapping fin arrayNguyen, Thien-Binh; Liu, Dongdong; Raut, Harshal; Bhattacharya, Amitabh; Sharma, Atul; Tran, Tuan
 2023Film boiling suppression and boiling heat transfer enhancement by dielectrophoretic effectNguyen, Thien-Binh; Vo, Quoc; Shang, X.; Buang, F.; Tran, Tuan
2020Identification and evaluation of defects in selective laser melted 316L stainless steel parts via in-situ monitoring and micro computed tomographyLu, Qingyang; Nguyen, Nhat V.; Hum, Allen Jun Wee; Tran, Tuan; Wong, Chee How
2019Induction sintering of silver nanoparticle inks on polyimide substratesTan, Hong Wei; Saengchairat, Nitipon; Goh, Guo Liang; An, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Tran, Tuan
2018Ink evaporation on soft substrates for additive manufacturing of stretchable electronic devices : experimental studiesSaengchairat, Nitipon; Chua, Chee Kai; Tran, Tuan
2019Metallic nanoparticle inks for 3D printing of electronicsTan, Hong Wei; An, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Tran, Tuan