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2020The bacterial quorum sensing signal DSF hijacks Arabidopsis thaliana sterol biosynthesis to suppress plant innate immunityTran, Tuan Minh; Ma, Zhiming; Triebl, Alexander; Nath, Sangeeta; Cheng, Yingying; Gong, Ben-Qiang; Han, Xiao; Wang, Junqi; Li, Jian-Feng; Wenk, Markus R.; Torta, Federico; Mayor, Satyajit; Yang, Liang; Miao, Yansong
2022DSF-family quorum sensing signal-mediated intraspecies, interspecies, and inter-kingdom communicationHe, Ya-Wen; Deng, Yinyue; Miao, Yansong; Chatterjee, Subhadeep; Tran, Tuan Minh; Tian, Jing; Lindow, Steven
2021Formin nanoclustering-mediated actin assembly during plant flagellin and DSF signalingMa, Zhiming; Liu, Xiaolin; Nath, Sangeeta; Sun, He; Tran, Tuan Minh; Yang, Liang; Mayor, Satyajit; Miao, Yansong
2018Plant-like bacterial expansins play contrasting roles in two tomato vascular pathogensTancos, Matthew A.; Lowe-Power, Tiffany M.; Peritore-Galve, F. Christopher; Tran, Tuan Minh; Allen, Caitilyn; Smart, Christine D.
 2022Potentiation of plant defense by bacterial outer membrane vesicles is mediated by membrane nanodomainsTran, Tuan Minh; Chng, Choon-Peng; Pu, Xiaoming; Ma, Zhiming; Han, Xiao; Liu, Xiaolin; Yang, Liang; Huang, Changjin; Miao, Yansong
2017A single regulator mediates strategic switching between attachment/spread and growth/virulence in the plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearumKhokhani, Devanshi; Lowe-Power, Tiffany M.; Tran, Tuan Minh; Allen, Caitilyn