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 2020Acoustofluidic closed-loop control of microparticles and cells using standing surface acoustic wavesNguyen, Tan Dai; Fu, Yong Qing; Tran, Van-Thai; Gautam, Archana; Pudasaini, Sanam; Du, Hejun
2016Additive Manufacturing of ZnO Thin Film for Micro Size UV PhotodetectorTran, Van-Thai; Yang, Hongyi; Wei, Yuefan; Du, Hejun
2021A direct-writing approach for fabrication of CNT/paper-based piezoresistive pressure sensors for airflow sensingChen, Jinyan; Tran, Van-Thai; Du, Hejun; Wang, Junshan; Chen, Chao
2022Influence of thermal treatment on electronic properties of inkjet-printed zinc oxide semiconductorTran, Van-Thai; Wei, Yuefan; Du, Hejun
 2023Investigation of polyamide 12 isothermal crystallization through the application of the phase-field modelTeo, Benjamin How Wei; Tran, Van-Thai; Chen, Kaijuan; Le, Kim Quy; Du, Hejun; Zeng, Jun; Zhou, Kun
 2021Manipulation of self-assembled three-dimensional architecture in reusable acoustofluidic deviceNguyen, Tan Dai; Tran, Van-Thai; Du, Hejun
2020On-substrate joule effect heating by printed micro-heater for the preparation of ZnO semiconductor thin filmTran, Van-Thai; Wei, Yuefan; Du, Hejun
2017Paper/Carbon Nanotube-Based Wearable Pressure Sensor for Physiological Signal Acquisition and Soft Robotic SkinZhan, Zhaoyao; Lin, Rongzhou; Tran, Van-Thai; An, Jianing; Wei, Yuefan; Du, Hejun; Tran, Tuan; Lu, Wenqiang
2017Preparing of Interdigitated Microelectrode Arrays for AC Electrokinetic Devices Using Inkjet Printing of Silver Nanoparticles InkTran, Van-Thai; Wei, Yuefan; Liau, Wei; Yang, Hongyi; Du, Hejun