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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011Agitated behavior and elastic characteristics of pedestrians in an alternative floor field model for pedestrian dynamicsWang, David Zhi Wei; Xie, Dong-Fan.; Gao, Ziyou.; Zhao, Xiao-Mei.
 2022Allocation strategies in a dockless bike sharing system: a community structure-based approachZhang, J.; Meng, M.; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Du, B.
 2021Autonomous and conventional bus fleet optimization for fixed-route operations considering demand uncertaintyTian, Qingyun; Lin, Yun Hui; Wang, David Zhi Wei
 2022Bayesian optimization based dynamic ensemble for time series forecastingDu, Liang; Gao, Ruobin; Suganthan, Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam; Wang, David Zhi Wei
2016The combination of continuous network design and route guidanceHan, Linghui; Sun, Huijun; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Zhu, Chengjuan; Wu, Jianjun
2014Day-to-day scheduling travel time adjustment behavior and simulationWang, David Zhi Wei; Li, Hua-Min; Huang, Hai-Jun; Yu, Xiao-Jun
2017Discrete-time day-to-day dynamic congestion pricing scheme considering multiple equilibriaHan, Linghui; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Lo, Hong K.; Zhu, Chengjuan; Cai, Xingju
2017The discrete-time second-best dynamic road pricing schemeHan, Linghui; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Zhu, Chengjuan
2017Effects of traffic lights for Manhattan-like urban traffic network in intelligent transportation systemsChen, Bokui; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Gao, Yachun; Zhang, Kai; Miao, Lixin; Wang, Binghong
 2019An efficient Peaceman–Rachford splitting method for constrained TGV-shearlet-based MRI reconstructionWu, Tingting; Zhang, Wenxing; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Sun, Yuehong
2017Framework for automated taxi operation : the family modelKümmel, Michal; Busch, Fritz; Wang, David Zhi Wei
2015Global Optimization for Transport Network Expansion and Signal SettingLiu, Haoxiang; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Yue, Hao
 2022Influence of CAVs platooning on intersection capacity under mixed trafficWu, Yuanyuan; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Zhu, Feng
 2021A joint liner ship path, speed and deployment problem under emission reduction measuresZhuge, Dan; Wang, Shuaian; Wang, David Zhi Wei
 2023Joint scheduling and formation design for modular-vehicle transit service with time-dependent demandTian, Qingyun; Lin, Yun Hui; Wang, David Zhi Wei
2017Locating multiple types of charging facilities for battery electric vehiclesLiu, Haoxiang; Wang, David Zhi Wei
 2022Managing mixed traffic with autonomous vehicles – a day-to-day routing allocation schemeGuo, Zhihong; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Wang, Danwei
 2020Mining commuting behavior of urban rail transit network by using association rulesGuo, Xin; Wang, David Zhi Wei; Wu, Jianjun; Sun, Huijun; Zhou, Li
 2019Morning commute problem with supply management considering parking and ride-sourcingSu, Qida; Wang, David Zhi Wei
 2022A novel control strategy in mitigating bus bunching: utilizing real-time informationZhou, Chang; Tian, Qiong; Wang, David Zhi Wei