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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010256 bit standardized crypto for 650 GE – GOST revisitedPoschmann, Axel; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
2010Advanced meet-in-the-middle preimage attacks : first results on full Tiger, and improved results on MD4 and SHA-2Guo, Jian; Ling, San; Rechberger, Christian; Wang, Huaxiong
2016Analysis of Gong et al.'s CCA2-secure homomorphic encryptionLee, Hyung Tae; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
 2022Bivariate polynomial-based secret sharing schemes with secure secret reconstructionDing, Jian; Ke, Pinhui; Lin, Changlu; Wang, Huaxiong
2020A blockchain-based application system for product anti-counterfeitingMa, Jinhua; Lin, Shih-Ya; Chen, Xin; Sun, Hung-Min; Chen, Yeh-Cheng; Wang, Huaxiong
2016CCA2 Attack and Modification of Huang et al .’s Public Key Encryption with Authorized Equality TestLee, Hyung Tae; Ling, San; Seo, Jae Hong; Wang, Huaxiong
 2020Compact code-based signature for reconfigurable devices with side channel resilienceHu, Jingwei; Liu, Yao; Cheung, Ray C. C.; Bhasin, Shivam; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
2017Construction of de Bruijn sequences from product of two irreducible polynomialsChang, Zuling; Ezerman, Martianus Frederic; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
2009Cryptanalysis of the LAKE hash familyBiryukov, Alex; Gauravaram, Praveen; Guo, Jian; Khovratovich, Dmitry; Ling, San; Matusiewicz, Krystian; Nikoli´c, Ivica; Pieprzyk, Josef; Wang, Huaxiong
2017The cycle structure of LFSR with arbitrary characteristic polynomial over finite fieldsChang, Zuling; Ezerman, Martianus Frederic; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
 2023DeepDIST: a black-box anti-collusion framework for secure distribution of deep modelsCheng, Hang; Li, Xibin; Wang, Huaxiong; Zhang, Xinpeng; Liu, Ximeng; Wang, Meiqing; Li, Fengyong
2018Double verification protocol via secret sharing for low-cost RFID tagsLiu, Yali; Ezerman, Martianus Frederic; Wang, Huaxiong
 2018Efficient public key encryption with equality test in the standard modelZhang, Kai; Chen, Jie; Lee, Hyung Tae; Qian, Haifeng; Wang, Huaxiong
2023Explicit low-bandwidth evaluation schemes for weighted sums of Reed-Solomon-coded symbolsKiah, Han Mao; Kim, Wilton; Kruglik, Stanislav; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
2021FS-PEKS : lattice-based forward secure public-key encryption with keyword search for cloud-assisted Industrial Internet of ThingsZhang, Xiaojun; Xu, Chunxiang; Wang, Huaxiong; Zhang, Yuan; Wang, Shixiong
2023Full threshold change range of threshold changeable secret sharingDing, Jian; Lin, Changlu; Lin, Fuchun; Wang, Huaxiong
 2018Fully homomorphic encryption over the integers for non-binary plaintexts without the sparse subset sum problemAung, Khin Mi Mi; Lee, Hyung Tae; Tan, Benjamin Hong Meng; Wang, Huaxiong
 2019Further improvement of factoring N = p r q s with partial known bitsWang, Shixiong; Qu, Longjiang; Li, Chao; Wang, Huaxiong
 2011Graph coloring applied to secure computation in non-Abelian groupsYao, Andrew Chi-Chih; Wang, Huaxiong; Desmedt, Yvo; Pieprzyk, Josef; Steinfeld, Ron; Sun, Xiaoming; Tartary, Christophe
2015Group signatures from lattices : simpler, tighter, shorter, ring-basedLing, San; Nguyen, Khoa; Wang, Huaxiong