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 2012Enhancing stability and photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticles by surface modification of graphene oxideWang, Yinjie; Liu, Jincheng; Liu, Lei; Sun, Darren Delai
2011Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells by benzoic acid modified TiO2 nanorod electrodeLiu, Jincheng; Wang, Yinjie; Sun, Darren Delai
2011Facile synthesis of monodispersed silver nanoparticles on graphene oxide sheets with enhanced antibacterial activityLiu, Lei; Liu, Jincheng; Wang, Yinjie; Yan, Xiaoli; Sun, Darren Delai
 2012A free-standing, hybrid TiO2/K-OMS-2 hierarchical nanofibrous membrane with high photocatalytic activity for concurrent membrane filtration applicationsZhang, Tong; Wang, Yinjie; Ng, Jiawei; Sun, Darren Delai
2011Gram-scale production of graphene oxide-TiO2 nanorod composites : towards high-activity photocatalytic materialsLiu, Jincheng; Liu, Lei; Bai, Hongwei; Wang, Yinjie; Sun, Darren Delai
2011High-quality reduced graphene oxide-nanocrystalline platinum hybrid materials prepared by simultaneous co-reduction of graphene oxide and chloroplatinic acidWang, Yinjie; Liu, Jincheng; Liu, Lei; Sun, Darren Delai
 2012Oleic acid-assisted exfoliated few layer graphene films as counter electrode in dye-sensitized solar cellLiu, Jincheng; Wang, Yinjie; Sun, Darren Delai
 2013Room temperature reduction of graphene oxide by formic acid catalyzed by platinum nanoparticlesWang, Yinjie; Liu, Jincheng; Liu, Lei; Zhang, Tong; Sun, Darren Delai
2010Self-assembling TiO2 nanorods on large graphene oxide sheets at a two-phase interface and their anti-recombination in photocatalytic applicationsLiu, Jincheng; Bai, Hongwei; Wang, Yinjie; Liu, Zhaoyang; Zhang, Xiwang; Sun, Darren Delai
2010Synthesis of graphene soluble in organic solvents by simultaneous ether-functionalization with octadecane groups and reductionLiu, Jincheng; Wang, Yinjie; Xu, Shiping; Sun, Darren Delai