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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Ab initio constrained crystal-chemical Rietveld refinement of Ca10(VxP1-xO4)6F2 apatitesMercier, Patrick H. J.; Dong, Zhili; Baikie, Thomas; Page, Yvon Le; White, Timothy John; Whitfield, Pamela S.; Mitchel, Lyndon D.
2015Anisotropic oxide ion conduction in melilite intermediate temperature electrolytesWei, Fengxia; Gasparyan, Hripsime; Keenan, Philip J.; Gutmann, Matthias; Fang, Yanan; Baikie, Tom; Claridge, John B.; Slater, Peter R.; Kloc, Christian Leo; White, Timothy John
2011Apatite metaprism twist angle (φ) as a tool for crystallochemical diagnosisLim, S. C.; Baikie, Tom; Pramana, Stevin S.; Smith, Ron; White, Timothy John
2014The benefit and impact of on-line tools for microscopy and microanalysis training and education in core facilitiesShapter, J.; Muhling, J.; Soon, L.; Ringer, S.P.; Grinan, E.; Frost, C.; Cribb, B.; Apperley, M.; Munroe, P.R.; White, Timothy John
2004Calcium-lead fluoro-vanadinite apatites. I. Disequilibrium structuresDong, Zhili; White, Timothy John
2004Calcium-lead fluoro-vanadinite apatites. II. Equilibrium structuresDong, Zhili; White, Timothy John
 2004Carbon-coated nanophase CaMoO4 as anode material for Li ion batteriesSharma, N.; Shaju, K. M.; Rao, G. V. Subba; Chowdari, Bobba V. R.; Dong, Zhili; White, Timothy John
2007Cobalt-ferrite nanobowl arrays : curved magnetic nanostructuresSrivastava, A. K.; Madhavi, S.; Ramanujan, R. V.; White, Timothy John
2015A combined single crystal neutron/X-ray diffraction and solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance study of the hybrid perovskites CH3NH3PbX3 (X = I, Br and Cl)Baikie, Tom; Barrow, Nathan S.; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; White, Timothy John; Fang, Yanan; Keenan, Philip J.; Slater, Peter R.; Piltz, Ross O.; Gutmann, Matthias
 2003Composition-tunable ZnxCd1-xSe nanocrystals with high luminescence and stabilityZhong, Xinhua; Han, Ming-Yong; Dong, Zhili; White, Timothy John; Knoll, Wolfgang
2015Crystal Chemical Analysis of Nd9.33Si6O26 and Nd8Sr2Si6O26 Apatite Electrolytes Using Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy and Impedance SpectroscopyAn, Tao; Baikie, Tom; Weyland, Matthew; Felix Shin, J.; Slater, Peter R.; Wei, Jun; White, Timothy John
2014Crystal chemical characteristics of ellestadite-type apatite: implications for toxic metal immobilizationFang, Ya Nan; Ritter, Clemens; White, Timothy John
2011The Crystal Chemistry of Ca10–y(SiO4)3(SO4)3Cl2–x–2yFx EllestaditeFang, Yanan; Ritter, Clemens; White, Timothy John
2012Crystal chemistry of melilite [CaLa]2[Ga]2[Ga2O7]2 : a five dimensional solid electrolyteWei, Fengxia; Baikie, Tom; An, Tao; Wei, Jun; White, Timothy John; Kloc, Christian
2008Crystal chemistry of mimetite, Pb10(AsO4)6Cl1.48O0.26, and finnemanite, Pb10(AsO3)6Cl2Baikie, Tom; Ferraris, Cristiano; Pring, Allan; Klooster, Wim T.; Madhavi, S.; Pramana, Stevin S.; Schmidt, G.; White, Timothy John
2013Crystallographic Correlations with Anisotropic Oxide Ion Conduction in Aluminum-Doped Neodymium Silicate Apatite ElectrolytesAn, Tao; Baikie, Tom; Wei, Fengxia; Pramana, Stevin S.; Schreyer, Martin K.; Piltz, Ross O.; Shin, J. Felix; Wei, Jun; Slater, Peter R.; White, Timothy John
2005Electron irradiation induced transformation of (Pb5Ca5)(VO4)6F2 apatite to CaVO3 perovskiteSun, K.; Wang, L. M.; Ewing, Rodney C.; Dong, Zhili; White, Timothy John
 2011Ethanol dehydration activity on hydrothermally stable LaPxOy catalysts synthesized using CTAB templateGoh, Yi Ling Eileen; Gwie, C. G.; Chang, Jie; White, Timothy John; Borgna, Armando; Ramesh, Kanaparthi
2004Exchange bias and magnetization process of Co/CoO nanocomposite thin filmsYi, J. B.; Liu, Y.; Ding, Jun; Liu, Bing Hai; Dong, Zhili; White, Timothy John
2013Fergusonite-type CeNbO4+δ : single crystal growth, symmetry revision and conductivityBayliss, Ryan D.; Pramana, Stevin S.; An, Tao; Wei, Fengxia; Skinner, Stephen J.; White, Timothy John; Baikie, Tom; Kloc, Christian; White, Andrew J. P.