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2020Anisotropic long-range interaction investigated with cold atomsMancois, Vincent; Barré, Julien; Kwong, Chang Chi; Olivetti, Alain; Viot, Pascal; Wilkowski, David
2020Atomic test of higher-order interferenceLee, Kai Sheng; Zhuo, Zhao; Couteau, Christophe; Wilkowski, David; Paterek, Tomasz
2019Coherent light propagation through cold atomic clouds beyond the independent scattering approximationDelande, D.; Pierrat, R.; Kwong, Chang Chi; Wilkowski, David
2014Cooperative emission of a coherent superflash of lightKwong, C. C.; Yang, T.; Pramod, M. S.; Pandey, K.; Delande, D.; Pierrat, R.; Wilkowski, David
2019Coupling of atomic quadrupole transitions with resonant surface plasmonsChan, Eng Aik; Adamo, Giorgio; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Ducloy, Martial; Wilkowski, David; Syed Abdullah Aljunid
2022Datta-Das transistor for atomtronic circuits using artificial gauge fieldsMadasu, Chetan Sriram; Hasan, Mehedi; Rathod, Ketan Damji; Kwong, Chang Chi; Wilkowski, David
2022Generalized hyper-Ramsey-Bordé matter-wave interferometry: quantum engineering of robust atomic sensors with composite pulsesZanon-Willette, T.; Wilkowski, David; Lefevre, R.; Taichenachev, A. V.; Yudin, V. I.
2022Homodyne detection of a two-photon resonance assisted by cooperative emissionMadasu, Chetan Sriram; Kwong, Chang Chi; Wilkowski, David; Pandey, Kanhaiya
2022Laser-induced thermal source for cold atomsHsu, Chung Chuan; Larue, Rémy; Kwong, Chang Chi; Wilkowski, David
2020Long-lifetime coherence in a quantum emitter induced by a metasurfaceLassalle, Emmanuel; Lalanne, Philippe; Syed Abdullah Aljunid; Genevet, Patrice; Stout, Brian; Durt, Thomas; Wilkowski, David
2013Long-range one-dimensional gravitational-like interaction in a neutral atomic cold gasChalony, M.; Barré, J.; Marcos, B.; Olivetti, A.; Wilkowski, David
2018Non-Abelian adiabatic geometric transformations in a cold strontium gasLeroux, Frederic; Miniatura, Christian; Grémaud, Benoît; Wilkowski, David; Rebhi, Riadh; Pandey, K.; Chevy, F.
2014Nonequilibrium phase transition with gravitational-like interaction in a cloud of cold atomsBarré, J.; Marcos, B.; Wilkowski, David
2022Optical magnetism and wavefront control by arrays of strontium atomsBallantine, K. E.; Wilkowski, David; Ruostekoski, J.
2020Plasmono-atomic interactions on a fiber tipChan, Eng Aik; Adamo, Giorgio; Syed Abdullah Aljunid; Ducloy, Martial; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Wilkowski, David
2013Quantum memory with a controlled homogeneous splittingHétet, G.; Chanelière, T.; Wilkowski, David
2020Resonant forward-scattered field in the high-saturation regime : elastic and inelastic contributionsKwong, Chang Chi; Wellens, T.; Pandey, K.; Wilkowski, David
2018Tailoring optical metamaterials to tune the atom-surface Casimir-Polder interactionChan, Eng Aik; Aljunid, Syed Abdullah; Adamo, Giorgio; Laliotis, Athanasios; Ducloy, Martial; Wilkowski, David
2018Two-temperature Brownian dynamics of a particle in a confining potentialMancois, Vincent; Marcos, Bruno; Viot, Pascal; Wilkowski, David
2014U(3) artificial gauge fields for cold atomsHu, Yu-Xin; Miniatura, Christian; Wilkowski, David; Grémaud, Benoît