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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Additive manufacturing of NiTi shape memory alloys using pre-mixed powdersTor, Shu Beng; Wong, Chee How; Wang, Chengcheng; Tan, Xipeng; Du, Zehui; Chandra, Shubham; Sun, Zhongji; Lim, Joel Choon Wee; Lim, Choon Seng
 2017Additive manufacturing process monitoring and control by non-destructive testing techniques: challenges and in-process monitoringLu, Qing Yang; Wong, Chee How
 2017Applications of non-destructive testing techniques for post-process control of additively manufactured partsLu, Qing Yang; Wong, Chee How
2019Atomic simulation of melting and surface segregation of ternary Fe-Ni-Cr nanoparticlesZhang, X.; Li, B.; Liu, H. X.; Zhao, G. H.; Yang, Q. L.; Cheng, X. M.; Wong, Chee How; Zhang, Y. M.; Lim, Joel Choon Wee
2018A computational study on porosity evolution in parts produced by selective laser meltingTan, Jie Lun; Tang, Chao; Wong, Chee How
2020Discontinuity of overhanging melt track in selective laser melting processLe, Kim Quy; Wong, Chee How; Chua, Gregory Kok Hong; Tang, Chao; Du, Hejun
2014Effect of channel length on the electrical response of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors to deoxyribonucleic acid hybridizationSalila Vijayalal Mohan, Hari Krishna; An, Jianing; Zhang, Yani; Wong, Chee How; Zheng, Lianxi
2015Effect of temperature and thickness of graphene on the hydrogen storage propertiesHuang, Jie; Wong, Chee How
 2015Epigallocatechin gallate decorated carbon nanotube chemiresistors for ultrasensitive glucose detectionSalila Vijayalal Mohan, Hari Krishna; Hansen Varghese, Reinack; Wong, Chee How; Zheng, Lianxi; Yang, Jinglei
 2013Evolution of Diffusion-Related Degradation of Polymeric Lubricant Under Laser Heating: A Molecular Dynamics StudyLi, Bei; Wong, Chee How; Chen, Qiu Bo
 2015Formation of chemical short range order and its influences on the dynamic/mechanical heterogeneity in amorphous Zr–Cu–Ag alloys: A molecular dynamics studyTang, Chao; Wong, Chee How
 2015Hydrogen transportation properties in carbon nano-scroll investigated by using molecular dynamics simulationsHuang, Jie; Wong, Chee How
2020Identification and evaluation of defects in selective laser melted 316L stainless steel parts via in-situ monitoring and micro computed tomographyLu, Qingyang; Nguyen, Nhat V.; Hum, Allen Jun Wee; Tran, Tuan; Wong, Chee How
2018Influences of scanning speed on selective laser melting : a computational studyTang, Chao; Wong, Chee How
2018Investigation of effects of printing patterns on geometry and densification of stainless steel 316L through directed energy depositionLim, Joel Choon Wee; Wong, Chee How
2018Investigation of the effects on the print location during selective laser melting processChua, Gregory Kok Hong; Choong, Yu Ying Clarrisa; Wong, Chee How
2018Investigation on the integral effects of process parameters on properties of selective laser melted stainless steel partsChoong, Yu Ying Clarrisa; Chua, Gregory Kok Hong; Wong, Chee How
 2012Lubricant evolution and depletion under laser heating : a molecular dynamics studyLi, Yong; Wong, Chee How; Li, Bei; Yu, Shengkai; Hua, Wei; Zhou, Weidong
 2015Mechanical properties of bundled carbon nanoscrollHuang, Jie; Wong, Chee How
 2016Molecular dynamics simulation studies of mechanical properties of different carbon nanotube systemsKok, Z. K. J.; Wong, Chee How