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2023Conditional knockout of hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha in tumor-infiltrating neutrophils protects against pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaSieow, Je Lin; Leong, Penny Hweixian; Gun, Sin Yee; Tan, Ling Qiao; Duan, Kaibo; Yeong, Joe Poh Sheng; Pang, Angela; Lim, Diana; Toh, Han Chong; Lim, Tony Kiat Hon; Engleman, Edgar; Rotzschke, Olaf; Ng, Lai Guan; Chen, Jinmiao; Tan, Suet Mien; Wong, Siew Cheng
 2018Developmental analysis of bone marrow neutrophils reveals populations specialized in expansion, trafficking, and effector functionsKwok, Immanuel Weng Han; Leong, Penny Hweixian; Evrard, Maximilien; Chong, Shu Zhen; Teng, Karen W.W.; Becht, Etienne; Chen, Jinmiao; Sieow, Je Lin; Ching, Goh Chi; Devi, Sapna; Adrover, José Maria; Li, Jackson L.Y.; Liong, Ka Hang; Tan, Leonard; Poon, Zhiyong; Foo, Shihui; Chua, Jia Wang; Su, I-Hsin; Balabanian, Karl; Bachelerie, Françoise; Biswas, Subhra K.; Larbi, Anis; Hwang, William Y.K.; Madan, Vikas; Koeffler, H. Phillip; Wong, Siew Cheng; Newell, Evan W.; Hidalgo, Andrés; Ginhoux, Florent; Ng, Lai Guan
 2020Increased monocyte-platelet aggregates and monocyte-endothelial adhesion in healthy individuals with vitamin D deficiencyTay, Hui Min; Yeap, Wei Hseun; Dalan, Rinkoo; Wong, Siew Cheng; Hou, Han Wei
2018Label-free leukocyte sorting and impedance-based profiling for diabetes testingPetchakup, Chayakorn; Tay, Hui Min; Yeap, Wei Hseun; Dalan, Rinkoo; Wong, Siew Cheng; Li, Holden King Ho; Hou, Han Wei
2019Low-dose anti-inflammatory combinatorial therapy reduced cancer stem cell formation in patient-derived preclinical models for tumour relapse preventionKhoo, Bee Luan; Grenci, Gianluca; Lim, Joey Sze Yun; Lim, Yan Ping; Fong, July; Yeap, Wei Hseun; Lim, Su Bin; Chua, Song Lin; Wong, Siew Cheng; Yap, Yoon-Sim; Lee, Soo Chin; Lim, Chwee Teck; Han, Jongyoon
2019Modulating macrophage phenotype by sustained microRNA delivery improves host‐implant integrationLin, Junquan; Ibrahim Mohamed; Lin, Po Hen; Shirahama, Hitomi; Milbreta, Ulla; Sieow, Je Lin; Peng, Yanfen; Bugiani, Marianna; Wong, Siew Cheng; Levinson, Howard; Chew, Sing Yian
2019A novel, five-marker alternative to CD16-CD14 gating to identify the three human monocyte subsetsOng, Siew-Min; Teng, Karen; Newell, Evan; Chen, Hao; Chen, Jinmiao; Loy, Thomas; Yeo, Tsin-Wen; Fink, Katja; Wong, Siew Cheng
2019Targeting immune cells for cancer therapyGun, Sin Yee; Lee, Sharon Wei Ling; Sieow, Je Lin; Wong, Siew Cheng