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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Biaryl cross-coupling enabled by photo-induced electron transferHayashi, Hirohito; Wang, Bin; Wu, Xiangyang; Teo, Shi Jie; Kaga, Atsushi; Watanabe, Kohei; Takita, Ryo; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Chiba, Shunsuke
2012Carrier dynamics in polymer nanofiber : fullerene solar cellsKurniawan, Michael; Salim, Teddy; Tai, Kong Fai; Sun, Shuangyong; Sie, Edbert Jarvis; Wu, Xiangyang; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Huan, Alfred Cheng Hon; Lam, Yeng Ming; Sum, Tze Chien
2018Degenerative xanthate transfer to olefins under visible-light photocatalysisKaga, Atsushi; Wu, Xiangyang; Lim, Joel Yi Jie; Hayashi, Hirohito; Lu, Yunpeng; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Chiba, Shunsuke
2012Efficiency enhancement in bulk-heterojunction solar cells integrated with large area Ag nano-triangle arraysWu, Bo; Oo, Than Zaw; Li, Xianglin; Liu, Xinfeng; Wu, Xiangyang; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Fan, Hong Jin; Mathews, Nripan; Sum, Tze Chien
2016Efficient DNA-Mediated Electron Transport in Ionic LiquidsXuan, Shuguang; Meng, Zhenyu; Wu, Xiangyang; Wong, Jiun-Ru; Devi, Gitali; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Shao, Fangwei
 2021Electron transfer quenching of rhodamine 6G by N-methylpyrrole is an unproductive process in the photocatalytic heterobiaryl cross-coupling reactionTan, Yi Zhen; Wu, Xiangyang; Do, Thanh Nhut; Nguyen, Hoang Long; Tan, Howe-Siang; Chiba, Shunsuke; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee
2022Exploiting the upconversion luminescence, Lewis acid catalytic and photothermal properties of lanthanide-based nanomaterials for chemical and polymerization reactionsWu, Xiangyang; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee
 2018Graphene quantum dots modified with adenine for efficient two-photon bioimaging and white light-activated antibacteriaLuo, Zhimin; Yang, Dongliang; Yang, Chen; Wu, Xiangyang; Hu, Yanling; Zhang, Ying; Yuwen, Lihui; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Weng, Lixing; Huang, Wei; Wang, Lianhui
 2013A green approach to the synthesis of high-quality graphene oxide flakes via electrochemical exfoliation of pencil coreShen, Zexiang; Liu, Jilei; Yang, Huanping; Zhen, Saw Giek; Poh, Chee Kok; Chaurasia, Alok; Luo, Jingshan; Wu, Xiangyang; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Sahoo, Nanda Gopal; Lin, Jianyi
 2012Hole transfer dynamics from dye molecules to p-type NiO nanoparticles : effects of processing conditionsTan, Serena L. J.; Wu, Xiangyang; Xing, Guichuan; Webster, Richard David; Sun, Tze Chien; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee
 2021Increasing antibiotic activity by rapid bioorthogonal conjugation of drug to resistant bacteria using an upconverted light-activated photocatalystDu, Quanchao; Wu, Xiangyang; Bi, Wuguo; Xing, Bengang; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee
 2014Interplay of hole transfer and host-guest interaction in molecular dyad and triad : ensemble and single-molecule spectroscopy and sensing applicationsWu, Xiangyang; Liu, Fang; Wells, Kym L.; Tan, Serena L. J.; Webster, Richard D.; Tan, Howe-Siang; Zhang, Dawei; Xing, Bengang; Yeow, Edwin K. L.
2018Lipopolysaccharide-affinity copolymer senses the rapid motility of swarmer bacteria to trigger antimicrobial drug releaseYeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Lu, Shengtao; Bi, Wuguo; Du, Quanchao; Sinha, Sheetal; Wu, Xiangyang; Subrata, Arnold; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Xing, Bengang
2014Peptide–perylene diimide functionalized magnetic nano-platforms for fluorescence turn-on detection and clearance of bacterial lipopolysaccharidesLiu, Fang; Mu, Jing; Wu, Xiangyang; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Xing, Bengang
2021Polysulfide anions as visible light photoredox catalysts for aryl cross-couplingsLi, Haoyu; Tang, Xinxin; Pang, Jia Hao; Wu, Xiangyang; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Wu, Jie; Chiba, Shunsuke
 2021The role of ligand acid-base reaction in the facile synthesis of Alkali Metal Neodymium Penta- And Heptafluoride NanocrystalsWu, Xiangyang; Tham, Jing Yang; Chacko, Ann-Marie; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee
2017Transcending the slow bimolecular recombination in lead-halide perovskites for electroluminescenceHuang, Wei; Xing, Guichuan; Wu, Bo; Wu, Xiangyang; Li, Mingjie; Du, Bin; Wei, Qi; Guo, Jia; Yeow, Edwin K. L.; Sum, Tze Chien
2012Ultralow-threshold two-photon pumped amplified spontaneous emission and lasing from seeded CdSe/CdS nanorod heterostructuresXing, Guichuan; Liao, Yile; Wu, Xiangyang; Chakrabortty, Sabyasachi; Liu, Xinfeng; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Sum, Tze Chien; Chan, Yinthai
 2012Unconventional multiple ring structure formation from evaporation-induced self-assembly of polymersBi, Wuguo; Wu, Xiangyang; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee
2013Uncovering loss mechanisms in silver nanoparticle-blended plasmonic organic solar cellsWu, Bo; Wu, Xiangyang; Guan, Cao; Tai, Kong Fai; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Fan, Hong Jin; Mathews, Nripan; Sum, Tze Chien