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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2023An algorithm combining sedimentation experiments for pipe erosion investigationYao, Liming; Liu, Yuxi; Xiao, Zhongmin; Chen, Yang
 2021Buckling of a twisted rod with centralizers in a tubingZhang, Qiang; Wang, Xiaolong; Li, Wei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Yue, Qianbei; Zhu, Yu
 2019Buckling transition process of suspended tubulars during loading and unloadingZhang, Qiang; Jiang, Bao; Xiao, Zhongmin; Cui, Wei
2023Effect of SiC nanoparticle content on the properties of Ni-W-SiC nanocomposite thin films deposited by pulse current electrodepositionLiu, Tianxiang; Li, Huaxing; Xiao, Zhongmin
2022Effect of slip to roll ratio on cyclic plastic deformation response at subsurface during rolling contact fatiguePaul, Surajit Kumar; Tiwari, Mayank; Xiao, Zhongmin
 2023Experimental and molecular dynamics investigations of the effects of ionic surfactants on the wettability of low-rank coalGan, Jian; Wang, Deming; Xiao, Zhongmin; Wang, Ya-nan; Zhang, Kang; Zhu, Xiaolong.; Li, Shuailong
2017Fatigue crack growth investigation on offshore pipelines with three-dimensional interacting cracksZhang, Yanmei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Luo, Jun
2020Fatigue investigations on steel pipeline containing 3D coplanar and non-coplanar cracksXiao, Zhongmin; Zhang, Wengang; Zhang, Yanmei; Fan, Mu
 2019The interaction problem of two Zener–Stroh cracks with a nearby inhomogeneityFan, M.; Xiao, Zhongmin; Zhang, Yanmei
 2022Investigation on crack failure of helical gear system of the gearbox in wind turbine: mesh stiffness calculation and vibration characteristics recognitionWang, Siyu; Zhu, Rupeng; Xiao, Zhongmin
 2023Investigation on tee junction erosion caused by sand-carrying fracturing fluidYao, Liming; Liu, Yuxi; Xiao, Zhongmin; Feng, Ziming
2001Microindentation studies in coupled materials systemsXiao, Zhongmin
2023Microstructures and performances of Ni-SiC coatings manufactured by laser cladding depositionLiu, Tianxiang; Li, Huaxing; Xiao, Zhongmin
 2022Microstructures and properties of nickel-titanium carbide composites fabricated by laser claddingYu, Xinlong; Ma, Chunyang; Yao, Liming; Xiao, Zhongmin; Ren, Yongliang
2023Modeling the crack interference in X80 oil and gas pipeline weldCui, Wei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Zhang, Qiang; Yang, Jie; Feng, Ziming
2022Multi-crack dynamic interaction effect on oil and gas pipeline weld joints based on VCCTCui, Wei; Xiao, Zhongmin; Yang, Jie; Tian, Mi; Zhang, Qiang; Feng, Ziming
 2020A new computational approach for three-dimensional singular stress analysis of interface voidsZhang, Yuxuan; Ping, Xuecheng; Wang, Congman; Xiao, Zhongmin; Yang, Jiyuan; Chen, Mengcheng
 2019A new magnetic structural algorithm based on virtual crack closure technique and magnetic flux leakage testing for circumferential symmetric double-crack propagation of X80 oil and gas pipeline weldCui, Wei; Zhang, Yuhang; Xiao, Zhongmin; Zhang, Qiang
 2021A new multi-field coupled dynamic analysis method for fracturing pipesYao, Liming; Xiao, Zhongmin; Liu, Jubao; Zhang, Qiang
2016Nonlinear elastic-plastic stress investigations on two interacting 3-D cracks in offshore pipelines subjected to different loadingsZhang, Yanmei; Fan, Mu; Xiao, Zhongmin