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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analytic exposition of the graviton modes in fractional quantum Hall effects and its physical implicationsWang, Yuzhu; Yang, Bo
2021Anomalous Higgs oscillations mediated by Berry curvature and quantum metricVillegas, Kristian Hauser A.; Yang, Bo
 2022Anyons in conformal Hilbert spaces: statistics and dynamics of gapless excitations in fractional quantum Hall systemsYang, Bo
 2022Applications of crushing and grinding-based treatments for typical metal-containing solid wastes: detoxification and resource recovery potentialsHe, Hongping; Yang, Bo; Wu, Deli; Gao, Xiaofeng; Fei, Xunchang
 2012Behaviour of different types of steel connections in steel frames against progressive collapseTan, Kang Hai; Yang, Bo
 2018A direct power control strategy for AC/DC converter based on best switching state approachHuang, Jingjing; Guo, Fanghong; Wen, Changyun; Yang, Bo; Xiao, Jianfang
2023Discrete time crystal made of topological edge magnonsBhowmick, Dhiman; Sun, Hao; Yang, Bo; Sengupta, Pinaki
 2020Dynamics of taxi-like logistics systems : theory and microscopic simulationsYang, Bo; Li, Qianxiao
2019Effective Abelian theory from a non-Abelian topological order in the ν = 2/5 fractional quantum Hall effectYang, Bo; Wu, Ying-Hai; Papić, Zlatko
2021Elementary excitations in fractional quantum Hall effect from classical constraintsYang, Bo; Balram, Ajit C.
2019Emergent commensurability from Hilbert space truncation in fractional quantum Hall fluidsYang, Bo
2021Exact landau level description of geometry and interaction in a flatbandWang, Jie; Cano, Jennifer; Millis, Andrew J.; Liu, Zhao; Yang, Bo
 2020Experimental tests of steel frames with different beam-column connections under falling debris impactWang, Hao; Tan, Kang Hai; Yang, Bo
2022Fermionic fractional quantum Hall states: a modern approach to systems with bulk-edge correspondenceFukusumi, Yoshiki; Yang, Bo
2018Floquet mechanism for non-Abelian fractional quantum hall statesLee, Ching Hua; Ho, Wen Wei; Yang, Bo; Gong, Jiangbin; Papić, Zlatko
2021Fractionalization and dynamics of anyons and their experimental signatures in the ν = n+1/3 fractional quantum hall stateTrung, Ha Quang; Yang, Bo
2021Frequency-tunable terahertz graphene laser enabled by pseudomagnetic fields in strain-engineered grapheneSun, Hao; Qi, Zhipeng; Kim, Youngmin; Luo, Manlin; Yang, Bo; Nam, Donguk
2021Gaffnian and Haffnian : physical relevance of nonunitary conformal field theory for the incompressible fractional quantum Hall effectYang, Bo
2023High-fidelity realization of the AKLT state on a NISQ-era quantum processorChen, Tianqi; Shen, Ruizhe; Lee, Ching Hua; Yang, Bo
 2023HRL4EC: hierarchical reinforcement learning for multi-mode epidemic controlDu, Xinqi; Chen, Hechang; Yang, Bo; Long, Cheng; Zhao, Songwei