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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021Acid washing of incineration bottom ash of municipal solid waste: effects of pH on removal and leaching of heavy metalsSun, Xinlei; Yi, Yaolin
 2022Amending excavated soft marine clay with fine incineration bottom ash as a fill material for construction of transportation infrastructureSun, Xinlei; Yi, Yaolin
2019Assessment of the clogging potential of two claysKang, Chao; Wu, Yichen; Yi, Yaolin; Bayat, Alireza
 2019Bearing capacity of composite ground with soil-cement columns under earth fills : physical and numerical modelingNi, Pengpeng; Yi, Yaolin; Liu, Songyu
2021Bearing capacity optimization of T-shaped soil-cement column-improved soft ground under soft fillNi, Pengpeng; Yi, Yaolin; Liu, Songyu
 2021Biochar and hydrochar derived from freshwater sludge: characterization and possible applicationsZhang, Yunhui; Qin, Junde; Yi, Yaolin
 2021Carbonating MgO for treatment of manganese- and cadmium-contaminated soilsLi, Wentao; Qin, Junde; Yi, Yaolin
 2022Carbonation of municipal solid waste gasification fly ash: effects of pre-washing and treatment period on carbon capture and heavy metal immobilizationQin, Junde; Zhang, Yunhui; Yi, Yaolin; Fang, Mingliang
 2022Carbonation treatment of gasification fly ash from municipal solid waste using sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate solutionsQin, Junde; Zhang, Yunhui; Yi, Yaolin; Fang, Mingliang
 2022Cement soil stabilization for underground liquid natural gas storageYu, Hua; Yi, Yaolin; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Tan, Wooi Leong
 2022Characterization and comparison of gasification and incineration fly ashes generated from municipal solid waste in SingaporeQin, Junde; Zhang, Yunhui; Heberlein, Stephan; Lisak, Grzegorz; Yi, Yaolin
 2022Comparing carbide sludge-ground granulated blastfurnace slag and ordinary Portland cement: different findings from binder paste and stabilized clay slurryLi, Wentao; Yi, Yaolin; Puppala, Anand J.
 2022Comparison between CaO- and MgO-activated ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) for stabilization/solidification of Zn-contaminated clay slurryZhang, Yunhui; Ong, Yi Jie; Yi, Yaolin
2019Comparison of reactive magnesia, quick lime, and ordinary Portland cement for stabilization/solidification of heavy metal-contaminated soilsLi, Wentao; Ni, Pengpeng; Yi, Yaolin
2023Durability of cementitious materials in seawater environment: a review on chemical interactions, hardened-state properties and environmental factorsTing, Matthew Zhi Yeon; Yi, Yaolin
 2022Effects of curing environment and period on performance of lime-GGBS-treated gypseous soilLi, Wentao; Yi, Yaolin; Puppala, Anand J.
2020Effects of oven temperature and addition of ethanol on measurement of water content and specific gravity of cement-stabilized soft clayYu, Hua; Yi, Yaolin; Puppala, Anand J.
 2021Heat of hydration, bleeding, viscosity, setting of Ca(OH)<inf>2</inf>-GGBS and MgO-GGBS groutsYu, Hua; Yi, Yaolin; Unluer, Cise
 2022Immobilization of lead (Pb) using ladle furnace slag and carbon dioxideXu, Bo; Yi, Yaolin
 2023Influence of short-term binder-bentonite interactions on workability of sand-bentonite-binder mixture for seepage cut-off wallTing, Matthew Zhi Yeon; Yi, Yaolin