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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173D convolutional neural networks for efficient and robust hand pose estimation from single depth imagesGe, Liuhao; Liang, Hui; Yuan, Junsong; Thalmann, Daniel
2013Abnormal event detection in crowded scenes using sparse representationCong, Yang; Yuan, Junsong; Liu, Ji
2013Action search by example using randomized visual vocabulariesYuan, Junsong; Liu, Zicheng; Yu, Gang
 2019Action-stage emphasized spatiotemporal VLAD for video action recognitionTu, Zhigang; Li, Hongyan; Zhang, Dejun; Dauwels, Justin; Li, Baoxin; Yuan, Junsong
 2016Adobe Boxes: Locating Object Proposals using Object AdobesXiao, Yang; Fang, Zhiwen; Cao, Zhiguo; Zhu, Lei; Yuan, Junsong
2013Arbitrary-shape object localization using adaptive image gridsYuan, Junsong; Zhou, Chunluan
 2012A complete and fully automated face verification system on mobile devicesRen, Jianfeng; Jiang, Xudong; Yuan, Junsong
2012Curb detection and tracking using 3D-LIDAR scannerZhao, Gangqiang; Yuan, Junsong
2018Deformable pose traversal convolution for 3D action and gesture recognitionWeng, Junwu; Liu, Mengyuan; Jiang, Xudong; Yuan, Junsong
2016Discovering Class-Specific Spatial Layouts for Scene RecognitionWeng, Chaoqun; Wang, Hongxing; Yuan, Junsong; Jiang, Xudong
 2011Discovering thematic objects in image collections and videosKatsaggelos, Aggelos K.; Yuan, Junsong; Zhao, Gangqiang; Fu, Yun; Li, Zhu; Wu, Ying
 2016Discriminative Action States Discovery for Online Action RecognitionHu, Bo; Yuan, Junsong; Wu, Yuwei
2011Discriminative video pattern search for efficient action detectionYuan, Junsong; Liu, Zicheng; Wu, Ying
2020Early action recognition with category exclusion using policy-based reinforcement learningWeng, Junwu; Jiang, Xudong; Zheng, Wei-Long; Yuan, Junsong
2018Efficient video object co-localization with co-saliency activated trackletsJerripothula, Koteswar Rao; Cai, Jianfei; Yuan, Junsong
2015Egocentric hand pose estimation and distance recovery in a single RGB imageLiang, Hui; Yuan, Junsong; Thalman, Daniel
2019Exploiting spatial-temporal relationships for 3D pose estimation via graph convolutional networksCai, Yujun; Ge, Liuhao; Liu, Jun; Cai, Jianfei; Cham, Tat-Jen; Yuan, Junsong; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat
2012Fusion of Velodyne and camera data for scene parsingZhao, Gangqiang; Xiao, Xuhong; Yuan, Junsong
2011Grid-based local feature bundling for efficient object search and localizationJiang, Yuning; Meng, Jingjing; Yuan, Junsong
2018Hand PointNet : 3D hand pose estimation using point setsGe, Liuhao; Cai, Yujun; Weng, Junwu; Yuan, Junsong