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 2006Analysts' selective coverage and subsequent performance of newly public firmsDas, Somnath; Guo, Re-Jin; Zhang, Huai
2011Can the earnings fixation hypothesis explain the accrual anomaly?Shi, Linna; Zhang, Huai
 2021The devil is in the detail? Investors’ mispricing of proxy voting outcomes on M&A dealsLi, Lingwei; Zhang, Huai
2019The disincentive effect of stars : evidence from analyst coverageLuo, Jiang; Yin, Huifang; Zhang, Huai
2018Employee turnover likelihood and earnings management : evidence from the inevitable disclosure doctrineGao, Huasheng; Zhang, Huai; Zhang, Jin
2018Facial structure and achievement drive : evidence from financial analystsHe, Xianjie; Yin, Huifang; Zeng, Yachang; Zhang, Huai; Zhao, Hailong
2012Financial reporting frequency, information asymmetry, and the cost of equityFu, Renhui; Kraft, Arthur; Zhang, Huai
2002Inventory changes and future returnsThomas, Jacob K.; Zhang, Huai
 2023Mutual funds' capital gains lock-in and earnings managementDimmock, Stephen G.; Feng, Fan; Zhang, Huai
2020Peer effects among financial analystsDo, Peter Truc Thuc; Zhang, Huai
2022Political corruption and accounting choicesZhang, Huai; Zhang, Jin
2003Rounding-up in reported EPS, behavioral thresholds, and earnings managementDas, Somnath; Zhang, Huai
2022Styles of regulators: evidence from the SEC's comment lettersDo, Peter Truc Thuc; Zhang, Huai
2016Superstition and financial decision makingHirshleifer, David; Jian, Ming; Zhang, Huai
2013Tournaments of financial analystsYin, Huifang; Zhang, Huai
2010The valuation impact of reconciling pro forma earnings to GAAP earningsZhang, Huai; Zheng, Liu