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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021An adaptive decision making method with copula Bayesian network for location selectionPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Koh, Jiale; Deng, Yong
 2022Adaptive multi-objective optimization for emergency evacuation at metro stationsGuo, Kai; Zhang, Limao
 2021Aerodynamic design optimization of a staggered rotors octocopter based on surrogate modelZhu, He; Nie, Hong; Zhang, Limao; Deng, Siqiang; Wei, Xiaohui
 2021Assessment of tunnel face stability subjected to an adjacent tunnelFeng, Liuyang; Zhang, Limao
 2021Automated process discovery from event logs in BIM construction projectsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
2020Bayesian belief network-based project complexity measurement considering causal relationshipsLuo, Lan; Zhang, Limao; Wu, Guangdong
 2018BIM log mining : discovering social networksZhang, Limao; Ashuri, Baabak
 2020BIM log mining: exploring design productivity characteristicsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2020BIM log mining: learning and predicting design commandsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2021BIM-based green building evaluation and optimization: a case studyGuo, Kai; Li, Qing; Zhang, Limao; Wu, Xianguo
 2021A BIM-data mining integrated digital twin framework for advanced project managementPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2021Cluster-based information fusion for probabilistic risk analysis in complex projects under uncertaintyZhang, Limao; Wang, Ying; Wu, Xianguo
 2020Clustering of designers based on building information modeling event logsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.
 2020Collaborative relationship discovery in BIM project delivery: a social network analysis approachWang, Yongqi; Thangasamy, Vimal Kumar; Hou, Zhaoqi; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Zhang, Limao
 2021Concession period optimisation in complex projects under uncertainty: a public-private partnership perspectiveGuo, Kai; Zhang, Limao; Wang, Tao
 2021Correlating dynamic climate conditions and socioeconomic-governmental factors to spatiotemporal spread of COVID-19 via semantic segmentation deep learning analysisChew, Alvin Wei Ze; Wang, Ying; Zhang, Limao
 2021Correlation-oriented complex system structural risk assessment using Copula and belief rule baseChang, Leilei; Zhang, Limao; Xu, Xiaojian
 2020Cross-scale generative adversarial network for crowd density estimation from imagesZhang, Gaowei; Pan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
 2020Data-driven estimation of building energy consumption with multi-source heterogeneous dataPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2022Data-driven optimization for mitigating tunnel-induced damagesGuo, Kai; Zhang, Limao