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 2020Atomically dispersed cobalt trifunctional electrocatalysts with tailored coordination environment for flexible rechargeable Zn–air battery and self-driven water splittingZhang, Zheye; Zhao, Xiaoxu; Xi, Shibo; Zhang, Lili; Chen, Zhongxin; Zeng, Zhiping; Huang, Ming; Yang, Hongbin; Liu, Bin; Pennycook, Stephen J.; Chen, Peng
 2023Dual-metal hydroxide@oxide heterojunction catalyst constructed via corrosion engineering for large-current oxygen evolution reactionLi, Zhong; Zhang, Xinglin; Zhang, Zheye; Chen, Peng; Zhang, Yizhou; Dong, Xiaochen
2023Graphene quantum dot enabled interlayer spacing and electronic structure regulation of single-atom doped MoS₂ for efficient alkaline hydrogen evolutionGong, Jun; Zhang, Zheye; Xi, Shibo; Wang, Wenjun; Lu, Jianmei; Chen, Peng
2021Graphene quantum dots assisted exfoliation of atomically-thin 2D materials and as-formed 0D/2D van der Waals heterojunction for HERGong, Jun; Zhang, Zheye; Zeng, Zhiping; Wang, Wenjun; Kong, Linguxan; Liu, Jiyang; Chen, Peng
2022Starvation, ferroptosis, and prodrug therapy synergistically enabled by a cytochrome c oxidase like nanozymeCao, Changyu; Yang, Nan; Su, Yan; Zhang, Zheye; Wang, Chenxi; Song, Xuejiao; Chen, Peng; Wang, Wenjun; Dong, Xiaochen
 2021Substrate engineering for CVD growth of single crystal grapheneHuang, Ming; Deng, Bangwei; Dong, Fan; Zhang, Lili; Zhang, Zheye; Chen, Peng
2022Template-sacrificing synthesis of well-defined asymmetrically coordinated single-atom catalysts for highly efficient CO₂ electrocatalytic reductionHuang, Ming; Deng, Bangwei; Zhao, Xiaoli; Zhang, Zheye; Li, Fei; Li, Kanglu; Cui, Zhihao; Kong, Lingxuan; Lu, Jianmei; Dong, Fan; Zhang, Lili; Chen, Peng