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 2018Acoustic source localization in strong reverberant environment by parametric Bayesian dictionary learningWang, Lu; Liu, Yanshan; Zhao, Lifan; Wang, Qiang; Zeng, Xiangyang; Chen, Kean
 2018Alternative to extended block sparse Bayesian learning and its relation to pattern-coupled sparse Bayesian learningWang, Lu; Zhao, Lifan; Rahardja, Susanto; Bi, Guoan
2014An autofocus technique for high-resolution inverse synthetic aperture radar imageryZhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Yang, Lei; Bi, Guoan
2018Coherent auto-calibration of APE and NsRCM under fast back-projection image formation for airborne SAR imaging in highly-squint angleYang, Lei; Zhou, Song; Zhao, Lifan; Xing, Mengdao
2013Enhanced ISAR imaging by exploiting the continuity of the target sceneZhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Bi, Guoan; Wan, Chunru; Yang, Lei
 2015Exemplar based deep discriminative and shareable feature learning for scene image classificationZuo, Zhen; Wang, Gang; Shuai, Bing; Zhao, Lifan; Yang, Qingxiong
2015Ground moving target imaging by synthetic aperture radar based on an unified framework of keystone transformationYang, Lei; Zhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Bi, Guoan
 2013An improved auto-calibration algorithm based on sparse Bayesian learning frameworkZhao, Lifan; Bi, Guoan; Wang, Lu; Zhang, Haijian
2019LED nonlinearity estimation and compensation in VLC systems using probabilistic bayesian learningChen, Chen; Deng, Xiong; Yang, Yanbing; Du, Pengfei; Yang, Helin; Zhao, Lifan
2016The Race to Improve Radar Imagery: An overview of recent progress in statistical sparsity-based techniquesZhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Yang, Lei; Zoubir, Abdelhak M.; Bi, Guoan
 2018Random matching pursuit for image watermarkingHua, Guang; Zhao, Lifan; Zhang, Haijian; Bi, Guoan; Xiang, Yong
2015Robust frequency-hopping spectrum estimation based on sparse bayesian methodWang, Lu; Zhao, Lifan; Bi, Guoan; Zhang, Liren; Zhang, Haijian
2015SAR ground moving target estimation and imaging by using Lv's distributionYang, Lei; Zhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Bi, Guoan
 2016SAR Ground Moving Target Imaging Algorithm Based on Parametric and Dynamic Sparse Bayesian LearningYang, Lei; Zhao, Lifan; Bi, Guoan; Zhang, Liren
 2020Structured Bayesian learning for recovery of clustered sparse signalWang, Lu; Zhao, Lifan; Yu, Lei; Wang, Jingjing; Bi, Guoan
 2016Structured sparsity-driven autofocus algorithm for high-resolution radar imageryZhao, Lifan; Wang, Lu; Bi, Guoan; Li, Shenghong; Yang, Lei; Zhang, Haijian