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2019Closed-loop supply chain based battery swapping and charging system operation : a hierarchy game approachZhao, Tianyang; Zhang, Jianhua; Wang, Peng
2020Coordinated chance-constrained optimization of multi-energy microgrid system for balancing operation efficiency and quality-of-serviceFang, Sidun; Zhao, Tianyang; Xu, Yan; Lu, Tianguang
 2019Data-driven robust coordination of generation and demand-side in photovoltaic integrated all-electric ship microgridsFang, Sidun; Xu, Yan; Wen, Shuli; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Hongdong; Liu, Lu
 2020Data-driven robust planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for urban residential car parksYan, Ziming; Zhao, Tianyang; Xu, Yan; Koh, Leong Hai; Go, Jonathan; Liaw, Wee Lin
2019Day-ahead coordinated scheduling of hydro and wind power generation system considering uncertaintiesLi, Yuanzheng; Zhao, Tianyang; Liu, Chang; Zhao, Yong; Yu, Zhiyuan; Li, Kaicheng; Wu, Lei
2017Flexible scheduling of microgrid with uncertainties considering expectation and robustnessLi, Yuanzheng; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Ping; Gooi, Hoay Beng; Ding, Zhaohao; Li, Kaicheng; Yan, Wei
 2020A meta-learning based multimodal neural network for multistep ahead battery thermal runaway forecastingDing, Shuya; Dong, Chaoyu; Zhao, Tianyang; Koh, Liang Mong; Bai, Xiaoyin; Luo, Jun
2023Microgrid energy management with energy storage systems: a reviewLiu, Xiong; Zhao, Tianyang; Deng, Hui; Wang, Peng; Liu, Jizhen; Blaabjerg, Frede
2018Multi-objective chance-constrained optimal day-ahead scheduling considering BESS degradationXu, Yan; Zhao, Tianyang; Zhao, Shuqiang; Zhang, Jianhua; Wang, Yang
2018Optimal operation of multimicrogrids via cooperative energy and reserve schedulingLi, Yuanzheng; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Ping; Gooi, Hoay Beng; Wu, Lei; Liu, Yun; Ye, Jian
2017Power System Resilience Assessment Considering of Integrated Natural Gas SystemZhang, Huajun; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Peng; Cheung, Sai Hung; Yao, Shuhan
 2017Real-time optimal energy and reserve management of electric vehicle fast charging station : hierarchical game approachZhao, Tianyang; Li, Yuanzheng; Pan, Xuewei; Wang, Peng; Zhang, Jianhua
2019Reliability modeling and assessment of isolated microgrid considering influences of frequency controlGuo, Jing; Zhao, Tianyang; Liu, Wenxia; Zhang, Jianhua
2017Resilience-Oriented Distribution System Reconfiguration for Service Restoration Considering Distributed GenerationsWang, Peng; Zhang, Huajun; Yao, Shuhan; Zhao, Tianyang
 2019A semi-consensus strategy toward multi-functional hybrid energy storage system in DC microgridsLin, Pengfeng; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Benfei; Wang, Yu; Wang, Peng
2019Transportable energy storage for more resilient distribution systems with multiple microgridsYao, Shuhan; Wang, Peng; Zhao, Tianyang
2018Two-stage stochastic scheduling of transportable energy storage systems for resilient distribution systemsYao, Shuhan; Zhao, Tianyang; Zhang, Huajun; Wang, Peng; Goel, Lalit
 2019Two-step multi-objective management of hybrid energy storage system in all-electric ship microgridsFang, Sidun; Xu, Yan; Li, Zhengmao; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Hongdong