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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis and simulation of intervention strategies against bus bunching by means of an empirical agent-based modelQuek, Wei Liang; Chung, Ning Ning; Saw, Vee-Liem; Chew, Lock Yue
2021Mass inoculation and rural rhythms : local agents, population data, and restructured social systems during the cholera pandemic in China, 1962–1965Fang, Xiaoping
2020Multimodal features of assessment in Indonesian conversation : a conversation analysis studyOktarini, Kadek Ratih Dwi
 2020The homogenization of ethnic differences in Singapore English? A consonantal production studyKalaivanan, Kastoori; Sumartono, Firqin; Tan, Ying Ying
 2020Questioning the Herderian idealMishra, Pritipuspa; Tan, Ying Ying
 2020Singapore EnglishCavallaro, Francesco; Ng, Bee Chin; Tan, Ying Ying
2020Molecular interaction of human acetylcholinesterase with trans-tephrostachin and derivatives for Alzheimer's diseasePitchai, Arjun; Rajaretinam, Rajesh Kannan; Mani, Rajasekar; Nagarajan, Nagasundaram
 2020意识形态、赞助人与翻译活动的操控:以马克思韦伯的译介为例 = Ideology, patronage and manipulation of translation : a case study of translation studies of towards the future-with special reference to Max Weber’s book translation崔峰 Cui Feng
2020Translation, rewriting and formation of Singapore’s bilingual education policy : a comparison of English and Chinese editions of My Lifelong Challenge : Singapore’s bilingual journey by Lee Kuan YewToh, Wenqi; Cui, Feng
2020The specter of failed transition : Tocqueville and the reception of liberalism in reform Chinavan Dongen, Els
2020A thesis of stillness : a study of Edmund Yeo’s AqératLee, Cheryl Julia 
2020싱가포르 대학생의 잠재적 한국어 학습 동기 = Potential Learning Motivation for Korean Language in SingaporeRyoo, Agnes Hye Jin 류혜진
2020Dōgen’s “Leaving Home Life” (Shukke 出家) : a study of aesthetic experience and growth in John Dewey and DōgenBender, Jacob
 2020An investigation into the learning transfer of English for specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) writing skills of students in SingaporeHill, Christopher; Khoo, Susan; Hsieh, Yi-Chin
2020Vandalizing tainted commemorationsLim, Chong‐Ming
 2020Communication needs of science graduate studentsKathpalia, Sujata S.; Ong, Kenneth Keng Wee; Leong, Alvin Ping
2020Confucius's village worthies : hypocrites as thieves of virtueSung, Winnie
2020XGBoost improves classification of MGMT promoter methylation status in IDH1 wildtype glioblastomaLe, Nguyen Quoc Khanh; Do, Duyen Thi; Chiu, Fang-Ying; Yapp, Edward Kien Yee; Yeh, Hui-Yuan; Chen, Cheng-Yu
2020TraceTogether : pandemic response, democracy, and technologyStevens, Hallam; Haines, Monamie Bhadra
2020Xin : being trustworthySung, Winnie