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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The 2015 general election and Singapore's political forecast : white clouds, blue skiesWeiss, Meredith L.; Loke, Hoe-Yeong; Choa, Luenne Angela
20173D faces are recognized more accurately and faster than 2D faces, but with similar inversion effectsEng, Derric Zeng Hong; Yick, Yee Ying; Guo, Yulan; Xu, Hong; Reiner, Miriam; Cham, Tat-Jen; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
2019Accumulation by and without dispossession : rural land use, land expropriation, and livelihood implications in ChinaZhan, Shaohua
2018Adjusting bilingual ratings by retest reliability improves estimation of translation qualityWood, Dustin; Qiu, Lin; Lu, Jiahui; Lin, Han; Tov, William
2020Advancing research to eliminate mental illness stigma : the design and evaluation of a single-arm intervention among university students in SingaporeSubramaniam, Mythily; Shahwan, Shazana; Abdin, Edimansyah; Goh, Janrius Chong Min; Ong, Wei Jie; Tan, Gregory Tee Hng; Baig, Nawira; Samari, Ellaisha; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Chong, Siow Ann
2019Aging parents’ and middle-aged children’s evaluations of parents’ disability and life problemsLee Hyo Jung ; Kim, Kyungmin; Bangerter, Lauren R.; Zarit, Steven H.; Fingerman, Karen L.
2018Agricultural yield and conflictAng, James; Gupta, Satyendra Kumar
2021An analysis of the generalizability and stability of the Halo effect during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreakGabrieli, Giulio; Lee, Albert; Setoh, Peipei; Esposito, Gianluca
2018Applying self-determination theory to understand public employee’s motivation for a public service career : an east Asian case [Taiwan]Chen, Don-Yun; Xu, Chengwei; Chen, Chung-An
2020Are Asian public affairs students different? Comparing job sector attitudes and sector preference between public affairs students at an Asian and Dutch Universityvan der Wal, Zeger; Mussagulova, Assel
2019Are cry studies replicable? An analysis of participants, procedures, and methods adopted and reported in studies of infant criesGabrieli, Giulio; Scapin, Giulia; Bornstein, Marc H.; Esposito, Gianluca
2019Are Praat's default settings optimal for infant cry analysis?Gabrieli, Giulio; Leck, Wan Qing; Bizzego, Andrea; Esposito, Gianluca
2019Are small cities more environmentally friendly? an empirical study from ChinaLiu, Shuai; Fan, Fei; Zhang, Jianqing
2019Arts for ageing well : a propensity score matching analysis of the effects of arts engagements on holistic well-being among older Asian adults above 50 years of ageHo, Andy Hau Yan; Ma, Stephanie Hilary Xinyi; Ho, Ringo Moon-Ho; Pang, Joyce Shu Min; Ortega, Emily; Bajpai, Ram
2018ASEAN’s evolving institutional strategy : managing great power politics in South China Sea disputesKoga, Kei
2020Assessing mothers' postpartum depression from their infants' cry vocalizationsGabrieli, Giulio; Bornstein, Marc H.; Manian, Nanmathi; Esposito, Gianluca
2020The association of mental disorders with perceived social support, and the role of marital status : results from a national cross-sectional surveyVaingankar, Janhavi Ajit; Abdin, Edimansyah; Chong, Siow Ann; Shafie, Saleha; Sambasivam, Rajeswari; Zhang, Yun Jue; Chang, Sherilyn; Chua, Boon Yiang; Shahwan, Shazana; Jeyagurunathan, Anitha; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Subramaniam, Mythily
2021The associations between imageability of positive and negative valence words and fear reactivityRaghunath, Bindiya Lakshmi; Mulatti, Claudio; Neoh, Michelle Jin-Yee; Bornstein, Marc H.; Esposito, Gianluca
2018Attachment to God and death anxiety in later life : does race matter?Jung, Jong Hyun
 2018Attention and vigilance : a large scale workplace studyRoberts, Adam Charles; Christopoulos, George I.; Yap, Hui-Shan; Car, Josip; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Soh, Chee-Kiong