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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The abduction of Libya’s prime minister : militias run rampantAhmed Salah Hashim
2009Abdullah Azzam : would he have endorsed 9/11?Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh
2019Abdullah Qardash : IS Successor to Al-Baghdadi?Mahzam, Remy
2014Abe Doctrine: US-Japan Alliance, International Law and ASEANSingh, Bhubhindar
2014Abe's call to stand up to China : at what cost?Ho, Benjamin
2013Abe's defence policy : leveraging the 'senkaku effect'?Euan, Graham
2013Abe's first overseas trip : why Southeast Asia?Singh, Bhubhindar
2014Abe's India visit : raising the barRupakiyoti Borah
2013Abe's return : implications for India-Japan relationsArpita Mathur
2014Abe's Russia visit : widening Japan's options?Rupakiyoti Borah
2013Abe's TPP strategy : overcoming domestic division through reform?Robles, Theresa
2015Abe’s Plan For Japan: A Fourth Arrow?Naoko Kumada
2014Abolishing Indonesia's direct local elections : missing the forest for the trees?Chen, Jonathan; Priamarizki, Adhi
2019‘Abominable’ and the Nine-Dash Line : What Should Yeti Do?Dang, Vu Hai
2016Aborting TPP: will US global leadership be crippled?Arunajeet, Kaur
2009An About-Face to the Future: the SAF's New Career SchemesHo, Shu Huang
2021The Abraham Accords : Malaysia's cautious responseTan, Ariel
2008Abu Bakar Bashir : Jihad or tyranny of leadership?Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh
2008Abu Bakar Bashir resigns from the Indonesian Mujahidin Council: what now?Arianti, V.; Fatima Astuti
2011Abu Bakar Bashir's imprisonment : what next?Muhammad Haniff Hassan; Nur Azlin Yasin