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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009ICC's verdict on Darfur : whose responsibility?Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Chng, Belinda; Chia, Roderick
2018ICERD and Old Politics : New Twists in Post-Election Malaysia?Waikar, Prashanta
2006"Iconic Soft Targets"? Public Housing Estates, Terrorism and Social ResilienceRamakrishna, Kumar; Vasu, Norman; Quiggin, Tom
2019The Idea of Indo-Pacific : ASEAN Steps InNazia Hussain
2016Identifying stakeholders in the land use management process and related critical factors in ASEANTulus Tambunan
2006Ideological DNA of terrorism : the role of ideology in Londons 7 July bombingsNg, Sue Chia
 2006An ideological response to combating terrorism - the Singapore perspectiveMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Pereire, Kenneth George
2004Ideology and the presidency : the forces of aliran behind Indonesia's 2004 presidential electionYang Razali Kassim
2014If SAARC stumbles : go for sub-regional alternativesRana, Pradumna B.
2006Ignoring doctor's orders : political impediments to China's financial liberalizationCarney, Richard
2011Image matters : military effectiveness and SAFFook, Bernard Weng Loo
2009Imagining the future: the world in 2020Desker, Barry
2015IMDEX Asia 2015 coast guards in the South China Sea : proxy fighters?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2015IMDEX Asia : Southeast Asian naval expansion and defence spendingBitzinger, Richard A.
2011IMF : next head will not be from AsiaRana, Pradumna B.
2019IMF Changing of the Guard : Sorry Tale of Leadership TransitionLai, Jikon
2006IMF/WB meeting in Singapore : Asia and Europe's role in the world economyTeo, Eric Chu Cheow
2012IMF/World Bank Tokyo meeting : no major outcome expectedRana, Pradumna B.
2007The IMF: Dogma versus Unorthodoxy Can we afford another Clash?Yang Razali Kassim
2014Immigrant athletes in Singapore : when gold is not good enoughCabuyao, Priscilla