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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Kabul Suicide Attack: Growing IS Factor in AfghanistanRathore, Shahzeb Ali; Mahmood, Sara
2008Karachi: in the sights of the Pakistani TalibanClarke, Ryan
2005Kashmir : remaking the bridge linking India, Pakistan and ChinaC. Raja Mohan
2015Kashmir and the India-Pakistan composite dialogue processSumona Dasgupta
2015Katibah Nusantara : Islamic state’s Malay Archipelago combat unitSingh, Jasminder
2019Kazakhstan : End of an Era?Chris, Cheang
2013Kedah the weakest link for PR in GE 13?Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2014Keeping Ebola away from Asia : lessons from SARSMely, Caballero-Anthony; Gianna Gayle Herrera Amul
2018Ketamine Antidepressant : Breakthrough or Potential Hazard?Tan, Teck Boon; Gunasekaran, Nandhakumar
2009Ketsana and its Aftermath: Lessons on Social ResiliencePunzalan, Kevin
2015Ketuanan Melayu : what's in a nameJoseph, Chinyong Liow
2011Killing pirates : dilemma of counter - piracyBateman, Sam
2011Kim Jong Il's death : end of an era?Euan, Graham
2017Kim Jong Nam’s Death: What It Means For MalaysiaHan, David; Ho, Shawn
2018The Kim –Trump Summit in Singapore : North Korea’s End GoalsSingh, Bhubhindar
2019Kinmen at the Crossroads : A Balancing Act?Huan, Amanda; Tan, Ming Hui
2018KL’s Downgrading of North Korea Ties : More Than Symbolism?Han, David Guo Xiong
2017Knowledge Intensive Agriculture: The New Disruptor in World Food?Teng, Paul
2021Knowledge management and humanitarian organisations in the Asia-Pacific : practices, challenges, and future pathwaysCaballero-Anthony, Mely; Cook, Alistair David Blair; Chen, Christopher
2014Known unknown in Indonesia's elections : what they mean for the regionYang Razali Kassim