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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Obama and McCain : different visions for AsiaTow, William
2009The Obama Doctrine and Southeast AsiaCook, Alistair David Blair
2009Obama's Afghan arm-twisting : weakening Karzai to give him strength?Lorimore, Clint; Clarke, Ryan
2009Obama's challenge : addressing Muslim radicalization in PakistanLorimore, Clint
2013Obama's second term foreign policy : nation-building at home, more conciliation abroadResnick, Evan
2009Obama's soft power: how the world is coping with itGoh Nur Firdaus Firoz
2009Obama’s America: Why it is likely to endure in AsiaDeepak Nair
2010Obama’s India visit : in search of a new equilibriumAjaya Kumar Das
2016Obama’s Mosque Visit: A Big Deal?Juhi, Ahuja
2006Obstacles to military transformationChew, Alvin
2014Of auxiliary forces and private armies : security sector governance (SSG) and conflict management in Maguindanao, MindanaoMaria Anna Rowena Luz G. Layador
2021“Offensive cyber” and espionage : dirty secrets no one talks aboutJayakumar, Shashi
2005Offshore balancer : US role in Asia's emerging security architectureSingh, Manjeet Pardesi
2007OIC's journey to enlightenmentSofiah Jamil
2009Oil pipeline from Myanmar to China: competing perspectivesZha, Daojiong
2014Old society, new youths : an overview of youth and popular participation in post-reformasi IndonesiaChen, Jonathan; Emirza Adi Syailendra
2005On being religious : patterns of religious commitment in Muslim societiesRiaz Hassan
2018One Year After Marawi : Has The Threat Gone?Singh, Jasminder
2019One Year Later : Has Malaysia Changed?Tan, Adrian
2018The Ongoing Rakhine Crisis : Time For ASEAN to ActKang, Siew Kheng