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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009U.S. Foreign Policy and Southeast Asia: From Manifest Destiny to Shared DestinyChew, Emrys
2008The U.S. maritime strategy: a cooperative strategy for 21st century seapowerHo, Joshua
2005U.S. military transformation and implications for Asian securityLoo, Bernard Fook Weng.
2012U.S. pivots to maritime Southeast AsiaRistian Atriandi Supriyanto
2006U.S. policy in the quicksand of the Middle EastCrow, Karim Douglas
2006U.S. ports controversy : the politics of fear and maritime securityBateman, Sam
2007U.S. primacy, Eurasia's new strategic landscape, and the emerging Asian orderVuving, Alexander L
2002U.S.-Philippines relations post September 11 : security dilemmas of a front-line state in the war on terrorismAnthony, Mely Caballero
2010UAE nuclear agreement : a model for Southeast Asia?Chew, Alvin
2004UAVs/UCAVs : missions, challenges and strategic implications for small and medium powersSingh, Manjeet Pardesi
2020UK Elections : Jeremy Corbyn, Anti-Semitism, and IslamophobiaHedges, Paul; Farrow, Luca
2003A UK perspective on defence equipment acquisitionKirkpatrick, David
2003UK's strategy to combat terrorismChen, Jeffrey
2016The Ukrainian Crisis: Impact on Sino-Russian RelationsKashin, Vasily
2007Ulama in Pakistani politicsMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2015The Ulama Strike Back: Whither PAS and Pakatan?Yang Razali Kassim
2018Ultranationalist Buddhist Rhetoric in Sri LankaNursheila Muez; Lin, Jessica Yeo Jia
2004UMNO General Assembly : Abdullah's new direction for the MalaysYang Razali Kassim
2018UMNO Post-Power : What Now in a Changing Landscape?Yang Razali Kassim
2014UMNO's Terrenganu crisis : managing legacy and reformChe Hamdan Che Mohd Razali; Afif Pasuni