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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The X-2 ADT-X: Japan's last chance fighter jet?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2014Xi Jinping's 'Monroe Doctrine' : rebuilding the middle kingdom order?Yoon, Sukjoon
2014Xi Jinping's visit to South Korea : Finlandisation or Crimeanisation?Yoon, Sukjoon
2019Xi-Modi 2019 Summit : How Far Will They Go?Teo, Kah Beng
2019Xi-Modi Summit : Testing Their Political Will?Suryanarayana, Pisupati Sadasiva
2014Xi-Modi talks : a new type of Sino-Indian relationship?Hoo, Tiang Boon
2019Xiangshan Forum – China’s Quest for Stability : Images and RealitiesSuryanarayana, Pisupati Sadasiva
2012Xinjiang : defusing tensions through developmentAmul, Gianna Gayle
2009Xinjiang unrest: catalyst for new grand vision for China?Li, Mingjiang
2014Xisha (paracel) islands : a rejoinderThi, Nguyen Lan Anh
2014Xisha (paracel) Islands : why China's sovereignty is 'indisputable'Li, Dexia
2015Xi’s State Visit to UK: Turning to British History for China’s FutureHo, Benjamin
2019Xi’s Visit to Russia : Beginning of a New Era?Cheang, Chris
2014Yasukuni shrine and museum: Japan’s WW2 responsibilityDesker, Barry
2011Year of the Arab uprising : impact on Southeast AsiaJames M. Dorsey
2015The year of the caliphate : what lies ahead?Jayakumar, Shashi
2015Yemen conflict and Arab uprising : regional fissures and repercussionsJames M. Dorsey
2015Yemen’s Civil War Protagonists: A New Leader of Al Qaeda?Mohammed Sinan Siyech
2010Yeongpyeong : tough test for China’s North Korea policyYou, Ji.
2010Yeonpyeong : dealing with North KoreaLee, Dongmin