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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Asia Pacific Breweries' anchor beer in Singapore (A) : a repositioning decisionChung, Cindy Mann Yien; Tan, Shirley
2003Asia Pacific Breweries' anchor beer in Singapore (B) : the new challengesChung, Cindy Mann Yien; Tan, Shirley
2001ASM Pacific Technology LimitedTang, Hung Kei
2003Banyan Tree (A)Xia, Yang; Gleave, Tom
2003Banyan Tree (B)Xia, Yang; Gleave, Tom
2002Cathay Pacific : flying through turbulent timesHenderson, Joan C.
2003DMX Technologies : assessing the risks amidst rapid expansionFoo, See Liang; Chung, Sang Pok
2003Enabling digital government through e-services : second-wave reengineering in the Inland Revenue Authority of SingaporeNeo, Boon Siong; Sia, Siew Kien
2003Flesh Imp street wear : breaking new ground in SingaporeO’Neil, Elizabeth; Wong, Irene
2002High-tech associates (A) : accept the e-business challenge?Reid, Edna; Gleave, Tom
2002High-tech associates (B) : accept the CRM challenge?Reid, Edna; Gleave, Tom
2003InterContinental, Pudong, Shanghai : re-positioning to address a new challengeXia, Yang; Chung, Sang Pok
2003Intertainer Asia (A) : programming and distributing Hollywood movies on-line in the Asia-Pacific countriesRieck, Olaf; Tan, Shirley
2001The IOP – The Institute of Printing (Asia-Pacific)Wong, Wai Mong : creating an internet ventureAllampalli, D. G.; Heng, Michael Swee Hai
2002Knowledge flows and the new comprador : a minicase on the Pearl River DeltaGilbert, A. Lee
2002Komala’s restaurant of SingaporeViswanathan, S.; Allampalli, D. G.
2003Lite-On of Taiwan : towards a leading global technology corporationTang, Hung Kei; Chung, Sang Pok
2003Metamorphosis : Singapore's Alexandra Hospital in transitionYim-Teo, Tien Hua; Chung, Sang Pok
2003The Monetary Authority of Singapore : its establishment, growth and changing roleMaysami, Ramin Cooper; Tan, Shirley