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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A 0.18μm CMOS 802.15.4a UWB transceiver for communication and localizationZheng, Yuanjin; Arasu, Muthukumaraswamy Annamalai; Wong, King Wah; The, Yen Ju; Poh, Andrew Hoe Suan; Tran, Duy Duong; Yeoh, Wooi Gan; Kwong, Dim Lee
 2012A 0.18μm front end for ECG/EEG/neural sensor interfaceHan, Dong; Zheng, Yuanjin; Je, Minkyu
 2013A 0.45V 100-channel neural-recording IC with sub-µW/channel consumption in 0.18µm CMOSHan, Dong; Zheng, Yuanjin; Rajkumar, Ramamoorthy; Dawe, Gavin; Je, Minkyu
 2013A 0.4V 7T SRAM with write through virtual ground and ultra-fine grain power gating switchesKim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Yeoh, Yuan Lin; Wang, Bo; Yu, Xiangyao
 2012A 1.2 V 2.4 GHz low spur CMOS PLL synthesizer with a gain boosted charge pump for a batteryless transceiverBoon, Chirn Chye; Krishna, M. Vamshi; Do, Manh Anh; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Do, Aaron V.; Wong, T. S.
 2012A 1.2V 80MS/S sample and hold for ADC applicationsReddy, Y. Sunil Gavaskar.; Liter, Siek.
 2012A 100 GHz transformer-based varactor-less VCO with 11.2% tuning range in 65nm CMOS technologyYi, Xiang; Boon, Chirn Chye; Lin, Jia Fu; Lim, Wei Meng
2015100 THz bandwidth plasmonic metamaterial switchNalla, Venkatram; Valente, João; Vezzoli, Stefano; Soci, Cesare; Handong, Sun; Zheludev, Nikolay
2015100 THz broadband optical switching with plasmonic metamaterialNalla, Venkatram; Vezzoli, Stefano; Valente, João; Soci, Cesare; Sun, Handong; Zheludev, Nikolay
2015100 THz optical switching with plasmonic metamaterialVenkatram, Nalla; Stefano, Vezzol; João, Valente; Sun, Handong; Nikolay, Zheludev
 201111.3% efficient planar Si-PEDOT : PSS hybrid solar cell with a thin interfacial oxideHe, Lining; Jiang, Changyun; Wang, Hao; Lei, Hong; Lai, Donny; Rusli
 2013A 110pJ/b multichannel FSK/GMSK/QPSK/p/4-DQPSK transmitter with phase-interpolated dual-injection DLL-based synthesizer employing hybrid FIRCheng, San-Jeow; Gao, Yuan; Toh, Wei-Da; Zheng, Yuanjin; Je, Minkyu; Heng, Chun-Huat
2012A 12-GHz high output power amplifier using 0.18µm SiGe BiCMOS for low power applicationsKumar, Thangarasu Bharatha; Ma, Kaixue; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Lim, Wei Meng
201914.3 A 43pJ/cycle non-volatile microcontroller with 4.7μs shutdown/wake-up integrating 2.3-bit/cell resistive RAM and resillence techniquesWu, Tony F.; Le, Binh Q.; Radway, Robert; Bartolo, Andrew; Hwang, William; Jeong, Seungbin; Li, Haitong; Tandon, Pulkit; Vianello, Elisa; Vivet, Pascal; Nowak, Etienne; Wootters, Mary K.; Wong, Philip H.-S.; Mohamed M. Sabry Aly; Beigne, Edith; Mitra, Subhasish
2018A 16.6 μW 3.12 MHz RC relaxation oscillator with 160.3 dBc/Hz FOMZhou, Wei; Goh, Wang Ling; Cheong, Jia Hao; Gao, Yuan
 2012A 160 nW 25 kS/s 9-bit SAR ADC for neural signal recording applicationsDo, Anh Tuan; Lam, Chun Kit; Tan, Yung Sern; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Cheong, Jia Hao; Zou, Xiaodan; Yao, Lei; Cheng, Kuang Wei; Je, Minkyu
 2012A 1D equivalent medium method for wave propagation across parallel jointed rock massMa, Guowei; Li, H. B.; Zhao, J.; Li, J. C.
 20172-micron pulse compression using gas-filled negative curvature hollow-core fiberLee, Elizabeth; Chung, Yong Sen; Yu, Xia; Wang, Qijie; Yu, Fei; Knight, Jonathan C.
 2017A 20.2–57.1 GHz Inductor-less Divide-by-4 Divider ChainYi, Xiang; Liang, Zhipeng; Boon, Chirn Chye
1994200 years Litho and offset press technology development - press design and performance categoriesFuchs, Boris.