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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993A 3-dimensional object recognition system for industrial applicationsDinesh Prakash Mital; Teoh, Earn Khwang; Soh, Yeng Chai
19896 axis revolute robotLau, Michael Wai Shing.; Ng, Kok Loon.; Lwin, Daniel Tint.; Senanayake, R. S.
1996Accelerated radiation curing of polymers and compositesBoey, Freddy Yin Chiang.
1993Accountants perceptions of unethical practices : a cross-cultural study in three countries using the triandis individualism-collectivism scales.Teoh, Hai Yap.; Lim, Chui Choo.
1993Accounting for research and development activities in SingaporeHooi, Den Huan; Wan, Chew Yoong
2004The accrual anomaly : effects of financial statement presentation format on less-informed investors.Low, Bernardine Mei Fong.
1994Acoustic emission in the determination of the structural integrity of concrete in buildingsBroms, Bengt B.; Chan, Kin Seng.; Yip, Woon Kwong.
1989Acoustic emission monitoring of fatigue crack growth in offshore structureLim, Mong King; Soh, Ai Kah; Koo, Tsai Kee
2006Acquiring cultural knowledge through passive exposure.Lee, Sau-Lai.
2005Active operator guidance for ship handling in restricted waters (AOGS)Tan, Soon Keat.
2001Active vibration control of printing circuit boards using piezoelectric bimorphsGuo, Ningqun.; Yu, Jiun Der.
2007Adaptable Container Terminal Simulator (ACTS)Toh, Ah Cheong.
1989Adaptive control of robot using tactile feedbackLau, Michael Wai Shing.; Lwin, Daniel Tint.; Ng, Kok Loon.
2000Adaptive controller for improving the dynamic accuracy of a robot performing a repetitive taskTeoh, Eam Khwang; Er, Meng Hwa
1994Adaptive multi-function robotic control using artificial neural network techniquesChin, Leonard; Dinesh Prakash Mital; Tan Chiang Wee 
2008Adaptive processing of data structures for image content classification, indexing and retrieval of flowersCho, David Siu Yeung.
1998Adaptive short-term load forecasting using artificial neural networksGooi, Hoay Beng.
1999Adaptive tuning and control of process plants using neural networksDevanathan, Rajagopalan
2003Adding nonfinancial value drivers to a summary financial measure : effects on learning and performance of managers.Khim, Kelly.
2010Adolescents with autism spectrum disorders attending special schools in Singapore : functional skills, behavioural challenges, and parental aspirationsPoon, Kenneth Kin Loong.