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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20103D paintingDing, Yan
20173D Scanning Technique for Abrasion of Shoe SoleOng, Jaka
2008Absorbance detection in aqueous solutions using mPOFDing, Zejun
2017Acaraki ProjectJessica, Aurelia
2015Adaptor protein regulation of T-lymphocyte migrationLim, Carey Fang Hui
2013Age-related changes in relational encodingLeow, Dayton Wei Yang
2014Age-related differences in functional connectivity during scene encodingLeow, Dayton Wei Yang
2015Age-related differences in neural activity for novelty and relational encoding of scenesLeow, Wei Yang Dayton
2015The aggregate effect of diabetes on economic developmentTee, Guang Ying
2015Air stable Cs2Snl6 sensitizers : synthesis, investigation of crystal structure and its optoelectronic propertiesJamaludin, Nur Fadilah Bte
2009Analysis of 6-bar Bricard linkagesChai, Woon Huei
2008Application and actuation of deployable frameChai, Woon Huei
2009Aquaporin engineering, a computational approachWei, Xin
2011Aqueous re-dispersibility of spray-dried antibiotic-loaded PLGA nanoparticle aggregates for inhaled anti-biofilm therapyWang, Yajie
2007Assessment and modeling of oxygen tension in porous structures and engineered tissue constructsGerard, Nathanael Adrianus
2012Augmentable : seamless table-top projection interfaceGoh, Chong Yang
2013Autonomous control of an unmanned areial vehicle (UAV)Fu, Zhe
2016Autonomous landing of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)Foong, Kok Leong
2012Autonomous tilt-rotor UAVChao, Joshua Jang En
2007BCF robotics fishAng, Kok Yong