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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Actuarial independence and managerial discretionKamiya, Shinchi; Milidonis, Andreas
2023Algorithm-human partnership in audit data analytics and aggressiveness of management accounting estimatesSheng, Peishu
2021Auditors' responses to workload imbalance and the impact on audit quality*Heo, Jin Suk; Kwon, Soo Young; Tan, Hun-Tong
2020Busy boards, firm performance and operating riskLee, Kin-Wai; Lok, Char-Lee
 2021Can employees exercise control over managers? The role of the employees’ knowledge of manager behavior and manager discretionYin, Huaxiang
 2017Conditional conservatism and debt versus equity financingGoh, Beng Wee; Lim, Chee Yeow; Lobo, Gerald J.; Tong, Yen Hee
2022Credit default swaps and shareholder monitoringYu, Xiaoxu
2022Discussion of “from experiment to the field: the case of a price formation model based on laboratory findings”Yin, Huaxiang
 2021Does CEO power affect the association between CEO compensation and tangible assets impairments?Lee, Kin-Wai; Lee, Cheng-Few; Yeo, Gillian Hian Heng
 2023The effect of cash flow presentation method on investors' forecast of future cash flowsPornupatham, Sompong; Tan, Hun-Tong; Vichitsarawong, Thanyaluk; Yoo, G-Song
 2022The effects of emotion-understanding ability and tournament incentives on supervisors’ propensity to acquire subordinate-type information to use in control decisionsWang, Laura W.; Yin, Huaxiang
 2021The effects of financial statement disaggregation on audit pricingKoh, Kevin; Tong, Yen Hee; Zhu, Zinan
 2021The effects of goal publicity and incentives on self-set performance goalsChen, Clara Xiaoling; Yin, Huaxiang; Zhang, Yue
2018Employee turnover likelihood and earnings management : evidence from the inevitable disclosure doctrineGao, Huasheng; Zhang, Huai; Zhang, Jin
2018Facial structure and achievement drive : evidence from financial analystsHe, Xianjie; Yin, Huifang; Zeng, Yachang; Zhang, Huai; Zhao, Hailong
2021Finding partners in crime? How transparency about managers' behavior affects employee collusionMaas, Victor S.; Yin, Huaxiang
 2018Investor reactions to restatements conditional on disclosure of internal control weaknessesLi, Yiwen; Park, You-il; Wynn, Jinyoung
2022The joint effect of animated graphs and motion verbs on investor judgmentsChan, Ian Han Sheng
2022Loan loss provisions and return predictability: a dynamic perspectiveGao, Phoebe; Lim, Chu Yeong; Liu, Xiumei; Zeng, Colin Cheng
 2018Management's responsibility acceptance, locus of breach, and investors' reactions to internal control reportsTan, Hun-Tong; Yu, Yao