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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2016Addicon: “We are logistics”Wee, Chow Hou; Choo, Clive
2021Antecedents on human resource management practice changeZhou, Xiang
2022Are narcissists more creative? Only if we believe it: how narcissism can relate to creativityJi, Yueting; Liu, Haiyang; Liu, Shengming; Xu, Minya; Lin, Zixiang
 2023Board gender diversity, firm performance and corporate financial distress risk: international evidence from tourism industryLee, Kin Wai; Thong, Tiong Yang
 2018Boundary organization practices for collaboration in enterprise integrationYeow, Adrian; Sia, Siew Kien; Soh, Christina; Chua, Cecil
 2021The “butterfly effect” in strategic human capital: mitigating the endogeneity concern about the relationship between turnover and performanceStern, Ithai; Deng, Xin; Chen, Guoli; Gao, Huasheng
2018Career patterns in entrepreneurial, occupational and leadership dimensions : optimal matching analysis with multiple job rolesSetor, Tenace Kwaku; Joseph, Damien; Chan, Kim Yin
 2015Case study: Suki group of restaurants–transformation recipeWee, Chow-Hou; Choo, Clive
2022Causal attribution, benefits sharing, and earnings managementHelikum, Lukas J.; Tan, Hun-Tong; Xu, Tu
2022Characterizing drivers of Asia's black elephant disaster risksLin, Yolanda C.; Sarica, Mestav Gizem; Chua, Terence; Stone, Asa B.; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Switzer, Adam D.; Woo, Gordon; Lallemant, David
 2021Combating the COVID-19 pandemic: the role of the SARS imprintRu, Hong; Yang, Endong; Zou, Kunru
 2022Digital platform attention and international sales: an attention-based viewLi, Jingyu; Pan, Yigang; Yang, Yi; Tse, Caleb H.
2019Discrete emotions linking abusive supervision to employee intention and behaviorPeng, Ann Chunyan; Schaubroeck, John M.; Chong, Sinhui; Li, Yuhui
2018Does deciding among morally relevant options feel like making a choice? How morality constrains people’s sense of choice.Kouchaki, Maryam; Smith, Isaac H.; Savani, Krishna
 2018Dynamic pricing with service unbundlingSong, Boqian; Li, Michael Zhi Feng
 2022The effects of emotion-understanding ability and tournament incentives on supervisors’ propensity to acquire subordinate-type information to use in control decisionsWang, Laura W.; Yin, Huaxiang
2020EMMNCs’ political connections and their overseas investment outcomes, and firm performance shaped by outside CEO succession, and by China's anti-corruption campaignHuang, Dongdong
 2022Experiential learning of cultural norms: the role of implicit and explicit aptitudesSavani, Krishna ; Morris, Michael W.; Fincher, Katrina; Lu, Jackson G.; Kaufman, Scott Barry
 2020From variability to vulnerability: people exposed to greater variability judge wrongdoers more harshlyDing, Yu ; Savani, Krishna
2022Green new hiringDarendeli, Alper; Law, Kelvin Kai Fung; Shen, Michael