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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021Augmented reality shopping application usage: the influence of attitude, value, and characteristics of innovationJiang, Yi; Wang, Xueqin; Yuen, Kum Fai
2018Business valuation and cost of capitalLeong, Hau Xiang
2021Can social comparison motivate satisficers? The role of input versus output in upward social comparisonChan, Elaine
2017Customer differentiation with shipping as an ancillary service? free service, prioritization, and strategic delaySainathan, Arvind
2022Developing a point-of-care device for traumatic brain injuryIfa Syafiqah Binte Sulaiman
 2020Does everyone have the potential to achieve their ideal body weight? Lay theories about body weight and support for price discrimination policiesLi, Kevin Shaobo; Kokkoris, Michail D.; Savani, Krishna
 2020Engaging customer cocreation in new product development through foreign subsidiaries : influences of multinational corporations’ global integration and local adaptation mechanismsLeung, Fine F.; Tse Caleb .H.; Yim, Chi Kin
2020Essays on spatial price competitionGupta, Priyanka
 2022Ethical branding in a divided world: how political orientation motivates reactions to marketplace transgressionsAllard, Thomas; McFerran, Brent
 2021Identification and estimation of endogenous peer effects using partial network data from multiple reference groupsReza, Sadat; Manchanda, Puneet; Chong, Juin-Kuan
2018Impact of culture on the pursuit of beauty : evidence from five countriesMadan, Shilpa; Basu, Shankha; Ng, Sharon; Lim, Elison Ai Ching
 2018Informative advertising in a distribution channelShi, Hongyan; Liu, Yunchuan; Petruzzi, Nicholas C.
 2022Is this food healthy? The impact of lay beliefs and contextual cues on food healthiness perception and consumptionChan, Elaine; Zhang, Shirley Lijun
 2019It's the end of the competition: when social comparison is not always motivating for goal achievementChan, Elaine; Briers, Barbara
 2017MahaChem : the chemistry of distributionWee, Chow-Hou; Choo, Clive
 2021Navigating contradictory logics in the field of luxury retailingWelté, Jean-Baptiste; Cayla, Julien; Fischer, Eileen
2019The paradoxical mind and body : physiological and neurological responses to organizational paradoxesChen, Wen
2019Product rating statistics as consumer search aidsGuan, Chong; Lam, Shun Yin
 2021Remanufacturing authorization strategy for an original equipment manufacturer-contract manufacturer supply chain: cooperation or competition?Zhou, Qin; Meng, Chao; Yuen, Kum Fai; Sheu, Jiuh-Biing
 2023Sonic branding of meat- and plant-based foods: the role of timbreTechawachirakul, Monin; Pathak, Abhishek; Motoki, Kosuke; Calvert, Gemma Anne