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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis and optimization of a deeply pipelined FPGA soft processorCheah, Hui Yan; Fahmy, Suhaib A.; Kapre, Nachiket
2014Breaking Sequential Dependencies in FPGA-Based Sparse LU FactorizationSiddhartha; Kapre, Nachiket
2014Comparing soft and hard vector processing in FPGA-based embedded systemsSoh, Jun Jie; Kapre, Nachiket
2015Computer-aided evaluation of cataract surgery; a metric comparison of continuous circular capsulorhexis by trainee and specialist surgeonsLaude, Augustinus; Aniyath, Praseedha Krishnan; Seow, Kiam Tian; Kwok, Jian Wah; Fam, Han Bor; Heng, Wee Jin; Rajan, Deepu
2015Custom FPGA-based soft-processors for sparse graph accelerationKapre, Nachiket
2015Detecting Phantom Data Usage on Smartphones with Analysis of Contextual InformationJiang, Shiqi; Zhou, Pengfei; Li, Mo
 2012DISKs : a system for distributed spatial group keyword search on road networksLuo, Siqiang; Luo, Yifeng; Zhou, Shuigeng; Cong, Gao; Guan, Jihong
2015Driving Timing Convergence of FPGA Designs through Machine Learning and Cloud ComputingKapre, Nachiket; Chandrashekaran, Bibin; Ng, Harnhua; Teo, Kirvy
2015Energy-Efficient Acceleration of OpenCV Saliency Computation Using Soft Vector ProcessorsHegde, Gopalakrishna; Kapre, Nachiket
2012Enhancing performance of Tall-Skinny QR factorization using FPGAsRafique, Abid; Kapre, Nachiket; Constantinides, George A.
2015Entropy Based Modelling for Estimating Demographic TrendsMonterola, Christopher; Li, Guoqi; Zhao, Daxuan; Xu, Yi; Kuo, Shyh-Hao; Xu, Hai-Yan; Hu, Nan; Zhao, Guangshe
2016Fair Resource Allocation for Data-Intensive Computing in the CloudTang, Shanjiang; Lee, Bu-Sung; He, Bingsheng
2014Fanout decomposition dataflow optimizations for FPGA-based Sparse LU factorizationSiddhartha; Kapre, Nachiket
2012FX-SCORE: A Framework for Fixed-Point Compilation of SPICE Device Models Using Gappa++Martorell, Hélène; Kapre, Nachiket
2015GraphMMU: Memory Management Unit for Sparse Graph AcceleratorsHan, Jianglei; Kapre, Nachiket; Bean, Andrew; Moorthy, Pradeep; Siddhartha
2014Heterogeneous dataflow architectures for FPGA-based sparse LU factorizationSiddhartha; Kapre, Nachiket
2015Hoplite: Building austere overlay NoCs for FPGAsKapre, Nachiket; Gray, Jan
2014IFACEwat: the interfacial water-implemented re-ranking algorithm to improve the discrimination of near native structures for protein rigid dockingSu, Chinh Tran-To; Nguyen, Thuy-Diem; Zheng, Jie; Kwoh, Chee-Keong
2015Limits of FPGA acceleration of 3D Green's Function computation for geophysical applicationsKapre, Nachiket; Kumar, Jayakrishnan Selva; Gupta, Parjanya; Masuti, Sagar; Barbot, Sylvain
2014Limits of Statically-Scheduled Token Dataflow ProcessingKapre, Nachiket; Siddhartha