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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptive UAVPoh, Yze Yang.
2015Adhesion and characterization of the interface between aerospace standard primer and anodized aluminium alloyToh, Xin Hui
 2013Aerodynamic characteristics of canard-forward swept wing aircraft configurationsZhang, G. Q.; Yu, S. C. M.; Chien, A.; Yang, S. X.
2014Aerodynamic data generation and design support for solar UAV : CFD for aircraft loadsMuhammad Fursham Mohd Zubir
 2013Aircraft morphing wing design by using partial topology optimizationSleesongsom, S.; Bureerat, S.; Tai, K.
2014Artificial star (B)Lim, Bonn Qian Jin
2011Autopilot system for micro UAVBok, Thye Boon.
2015Bi-stable mechanism for morphing wingsYang, Jingjing
2011Comparison of conventional and computed radiography systems on F5 wing sparNg, Desiree Li Wen.
2015Control of a mini-UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)Goh, Guo Dong
2010Control system development for unconventional aerobatic unmanned aerial vehicle with variable incidence wingPham, Kim Hoan.
2018Design and build portable fixed-wing VTOL aircraft with autonomous capabilityLiu, Shisong
2009Design and development of a prop-hanging mini aerial vehicleLee, Yuan Sheng.
2015Design and fabrication of a mini-UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)Goh, Guo Liang
2011Design and fabrication of vibrator-activated wing flappersGoh, Chen Lieng.
2011Design of a latching mechanism for perching UAVsKoh, Martin Wei Xiang.
2009Design, fabrication, evaluation of low-speed UAV wing flap actuated with shape memory alloySeow, Aik Khiam
2009Design, flight dynamic analysis and hover control of a vertical take-off and landing micro air vehicleSetiawan, Suhartono
2015Development and fabrication of solar powered UAV : Part 2Cheng, Shi Wee
2013Development of a fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)Poh, Teck Keng.