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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Air traffic controller crossing event analysis for medium angle crossingLin, Ziyu
2018Analysis of emotions and stress of air traffic controllers using combined visualisation system during holding stack managementLim, Gilvey Yan Shuo
2015Continuous descent operations in high throughput and constant wind environmentLow, Yong Lin
2015Design and development of atypical multicopters with application to heptacopterLeung, Sheila Sook Hui
2011Designing and setting up of a perching vehicle test facilityTan, Zheng Wen.
2010Develop telescope wing of UAVNg, Yeunn Ject.
2011Development and testing of fuel-cell powered UAVLee, Ying Qin.
2018Development of a novel air traffic flow management simulator and case studies for ASEAN regionChen, Chaochao
2017An EEG-based empirical analysis of information display, situational awareness and workload in air traffic controlLu, Patricia Chunqi
2018Emotion, stress, and trust in the ATC system during Trajectory Based Operations (TBO)Chew, Wei Xiang
2014Implementation of a radar prototype on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)Ma, Xiao
2014Improve air traffic flow under uncertain environmentKai, Liang Tan
2014Industrial orientation with Pratt & Whitney Services Pte LtdTeo, Jia En
2015An investigation into emissions in civil aviationWong, Adrian Shu Rong
2019Launching system for small unmanned aerial vehiclesPau, Ivan Boon Leng
2009Modeling aerospace industrial corporate performance : case of cointegration analysis 2001-2008Lee, Chen Hoay.
2014Optimisation of changi airport's future air traffic contingency management in extreme haze conditionLo, Kar Koon
2014Optimizing aircraft departure and arrival sequencing using genetic algorithmsNg, Timothy Jefferson Wei Han
2019A study of optimization of air traffic network and flight schedulesSailauov, Tolebi
2011Study of swarming algorithms for coordination of multiple UAVSSoh, Samuel Kar Seng.