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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D printing of sustainable concrete structures and characterisationLee, Hanzu
2019Analysis on selection of building materials to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildingsOng, Zi Yang
2009Application of reusable PZT sensors for monitoring intial hydration of concreteLim, Parry Weixiong.
2019Applying fuzzy cognitive mapping to improve productivity of tunnel boring machinesOng, Claudia Lin Na
2017The autogenous healing of cracks in reactive MgO-based strain-hardening compositesWang, Hao
2019Automation of printing path design for 3D concrete printing using BIMGan, Nicole Jia Hui
2019Automation of printing path design for 3D concrete printing using BIMLee, Brian Jia Shen
2015Back-analysis approach for the determination of hydraulic conductivity in rock cavernsXu, Zhipeng; Zhao, Zhiye; Sun, Jianping; He, Lei; Nie, Wen
2001Behaviour of different strength concrete at elevated temperaturesLim, William.
2012Bendable concrete incorporating municipal solid waste incineration ashTee, Qi Yao.
2012Biocrete : a microbial concreteTan, Annabel.
2004Characterizing scabbing in concreteZhang, Wanhong
2016Compressive behaviour of engineered cementitious composites (ECC) under high strain ratesWahyudi, Trieska Yokhebed
2015Construction Biotechnology: a new area of biotechnological research and applicationsStabnikov, Viktor; Ivanov, Volodymyr; Chu, Jian
2012Copper slag as construction materialLai, Kwan Keong
2014Development of carbon nanotube-reinforced ultra-high performance concreteChua, Yong Nian
2003Effect of impact and penetration on conventional construction and advanced materialsLok, Tat Seng; Fan, Sau Cheong
2018The effect of nozzle shapes on the compactness and strength of structures printed by additive manufacturing of concreteLao, Wenxin; Tay, Daniel Yi Wei; Quirin, Didier; Tan, Ming Jen
2016The effect of reactivity on the carbonation of MgO cementsTeo, Sean Zhe Wei
2009Effect of recycled fine aggregates on concrete propertiesLau, Jing Xi.