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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A 0.2 V, 480 kb subthreshold SRAM with 1 k cells per bitline for ultra-low-voltage computingKim, Tony Tae-Hyoung; Liu, Jason.; Keane, John.; Kim, Chris H.
20140.77 fJ/bit/search content addressable memory using small match line swing and automated background checking scheme for variation toleranceDo, Anh Tuan; Yin, Chun; Velayudhan, Kavitha; Lee, Zhao Chuan; Yeo, Kiat Seng; Kim, Tony Tae-Hyoung
201020 questions website for kidsHu, Ze.
1997A 3-D graphics engine for rendering polygonal objectsBurak, Alp
19993D interactive internet application based on VRMLGao, Bo
20103D mixed reality interactive interfacePan, Seng Tat
20123D mobile application with augmented reality on android OSTrinh, Vu Hoang.
20143D model construction and processingZhang, Jiawei
2013A 5-Bit 1.25GS/S 4.7mW delay-based pipelined ADC in 65nm CMOSMesgarani, A.; Tekin, A.; Ay, S. U.; Fu, Haipeng; Yan, Mei; Yu, Hao
2014The Abui cultural heritage websiteTeo, Audrey Yi Chien
2014Academic product archival and showcase systemTran Manh Dung
2014Achitecture recovery of Android applicationsLi, Weiyang
2003Active queue management of multimedia flows over ATM networksZhang, Hong
1996Active stereo vision with concurrent detection and identification of occlusion and specular highlightsChing, Wee Soon.
2001Adaptation of MPEG video in ADSL systemLe, Le Yi.
1999Adaptation of MPEG video in ATM networksChow, David Tai Wei.
1999Adaptive active noise controlYang, Xiao Hua
1999Adaptive active noise control with genetic algorithmYang, Xiaoguang
2001Adaptive C++ : reuse of visual C++ code fragments that implement common functionalitiesXiao, Xiankuan
2009Adaptive filtering : implementation of algorithms on embedded processorLim, Keegan Tien Choon.