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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20124H-SiC wafers studied by X-ray absorption and Raman scatteringMendis, Suwan P.; Xu, Qiang; Sun, Hua Yang; Chen, Cheng; Jang, Ling-Yun; E. Rusli; Tin, Chin Che; Qiu, Zhi Ren; Wu, Zhengyun; Liu, Chee Wee; Feng, Zhe Chuan
1998Analysis and design of electromagnetic shields for stray fields originating from power equipmentLee, Tat Man.
1998Analysis of flux distribution and core losses in interior permanent magnet motorWee, Siang Beng.
2004Analysis of mesoporous ultra low K dielectric materials for microelectronic interconnectsGoh, Tat Kean.
1997Automated shielding effectiveness test system for shielded enclosuresFoo, Chew Houw.
1997Automatic parsing of ball-sports video sequences and its application to soccerLim, Teck Sin.
2008Carbon doped silicon oxides for low k dielectric applications in multilevel interconnectsLiu, Bo
2010Carbon nanotube electrodes for electroanalysisToh, Siong Keong.
2000Characterization and applications of diamond-like carbon films for field emission displayShi, Xu; Tay, Beng Kang
2004Characterization and reliability studies of oxides grown by wet and dry oxidations for 0.25 micrometer CMOS technologyChow, Yew Tuck.
2002Characterization of flourosilicate glass (FSG) as low dielectric constant materialTeh, Young Way.
2000Characterization of InP based high electron mobility transistor structures grown by solid source MBEToo, Patrick Heng Kwee.
2000Control and estimation techniques of a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive without mechanical sensorsDeng, Yuanzi
2003Copper metallization for deep submicron integrated circuitsLi, Chao Yong.
2013Database design for weather station and power sourcesLim, Shen Yeong.
2005Deposition and characterization of high-K (Ca,Sr)ZrO3 thin films using sol-gel techniqueYu, Ting
2002Deposition and characterization of metal-containing carbon (Me-c:h) filmsHuang, Qingfeng.
2000Design and fabrication of heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT)Pan, Yang
2000Design of high quality factor inductor on siliconTan, Hai Peng.
2018Development of a halide-free, stabilised vanadium redox flow battery electrolyteNguyen, Duy Tam