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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20052D gel image processing and analysis for proteomicsDiao, Xiaoning
20052D object segmentation and matching using B-spline modelWang, Yue
20003-dimensional free-form object surface representation and its recognition using range imagesSun, Zehang.
20163D audio reproduction : natural augmented reality headset and next generation entertainment system using wave field synthesisRanjan, Rishabh
19923D reconstruction from stereographic dataTay, Leng Phuan.
20023D reconstruction of ocular fundus imagesLiu, Yang
20103D sound with transaural audio beam systemBeh, Jia Wei.
2005Acoustic feedback cancellation for digital hearing instrumentsYe Htut.
2010Acoustic source localization in the presence of dispersion in solidsAmir Sulaiman
1998Acoustical source localization in microphone array systemsJian, Ming
2010Acoustical time-reversal signal processing : new developments and applicationsNguyen, Dinh Quy
2000Active control of noise in a tubeZheng, Hong.
1998Active noise control using artificial neural networkNailul Hafiz Abdul Rahim
2003Adaptive broadband array signal processing for sonar systems : temporal methodsLum, Raymond Hon Kit.
2003Adaptive color quantization using self-organizing feature mapXiao, Rui
2010Adaptive motion video coding for low bit rate video conferencingDas Sanjib Kumar
2006Adaptive noise cancellation using soft computing approachLi, Zheng Rong
2005Adaptive rate control for video compression and transmission over fading channel in wireless networksWei, Jun
1997Adaptive thresholding algorithms for images with varying background lightNg, Teck Chew.
2007Advance duct pressure control for HVAC systemElangovan Karthikeyan