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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Accelerated start-up and granulation in polymer-enhanced UASB bioreactors treating industrial food-processing wastewaterFoong, Shiu Feng.
2017Adsorption of antibiotics using carbon nanotubeKee, Mattheus Jian Yang
2002Advanced oxidation processes coupled with membrane technology for water purificationChen, Dong
2003Aerobic biofilm technology for simultaneous removal of carbon and nitrogenDeng, Cailing
2003Aerobic granulation : an innovative biotechnology for high performance wastewater treatmentNay Myo Aung
2003Aerobic granulation in sequencing batch reactorLiu, Qishan.
2012Ammonia adsorption on zeoliteSeah, Belinda Yan Mei.
 2013Anaerobic co-digestion of source segregated brown water (feces-without-urine) and food waste : for Singapore contextRajagopal, Rajinikanth; Lim, Jun Wei; Mao, Yu; Chen, Chia-Lung; Wang, Jing-Yuan
2003Anaerobic digestion of strong organic wasteLiu, Yu; Tay, Joo Hwa
2001Anaerobic digestion of strong wastesJeyaseelan, S.; Tay, Joo Hwa
2004Anaerobic granulation biotechnology for wastewater treatment : a reviewShi, Wan Rong.
2012Analysis of membrane distillation crystallization system for high salinity brine treatment with zero discharge using Aspen flowsheet simulationWang, Rong; Wicaksana, Filicia; Yang, Xing; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Guan, Guoqiang
2012Analysis of the effect of turbulence promoters in hollow fiber membrane distillation modules by computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulationsYang, Xing; Yu, Hui; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2014Analytical methods for soluble microbial products (SMP) and extracellular polymers (ECP) in wastewater treatment systems : a reviewKunacheva, Chinagarn; Stuckey, David C.
2018Antimicrobial effects of moringa oleifera seeds on E. coli K-12 derivativesZhou, Lingyan
2005Application of activated carbon in water treatmentGupta, Bhavana
2005Application of dual membrane technology for municipal wastewater reuseIong, Kiong Yew.
2016Application of quorum quenching bacteria to membrane bioreactor for biofouling controlOng, Chin Ee
2005Application of submerged membrane bioreactor for converting high strength wastewater into clean waterHay, Choon Teck
2014Aquaporin based biomimetic membrane for water reuse and desalinationZhao, Yang