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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Active control of SPR by thermoresponsive hydrogels for biosensor applicationsToma, Mana; Jonas, Ulrich; Mateescu, Anca; Knoll, Wolfgang; Dostálek, Jakub
2012Active scaffold for on-demand drug and cell deliveryNg, Candy Ting Ting.
2001Adhesion of plasma sprayed bioceramic coatingsYe, Xuejun.
 2013Advanced nanobiomaterial strategies for the development of organized tissue engineering constructsAn, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Yu, Ting; Li, Huaqiong; Tan, Lay Poh
2009Alignment of electrospun PCL scaffoldWong, Hui Kian.
 2014Amplified detection of femtomolar DNA based on a one-to-few recognition reaction between DNA-Au conjugate and target DNAWang, Zhijuan; Zhang, Juan; Zhu, Changfeng; Wu, Shixin; Mandler, Daniel; Marks, Robert S.; Zhang, Hua
2009Analysis of a dilatation in a non-linearly elastic sphereZhang, Qingxian
2019Antibiotic potentiators and delivery to persistersLi, Wenrui
 2013Antimicrobial functionalization of silicone surfaces with engineered short peptides having broad spectrum antimicrobial and salt-resistant propertiesLi, Xiang; Li, Peng; Saravanan, Rathi; Basu, Anindya; Mishra, Biswajit; Lim, Suo Hon; Su, Xiaodi; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
2015Artificial extracellular matrix proteins for substrates in skin substitutesTjin, Monica Suryana
 2013Bacterial consortium of millepora dichotoma exhibiting unusual multifocal lesion event in the Gulf of Eilat, Red SeaParamasivam, Nithyanand; Ben-Dov, Eitan; Arotsker, Luba; Kramarsky-Winter, Esti; Zvuloni, Assaf; Loya, Yossi; Kushmaro, Ariel
2010Bacteriorhodopsin-based assemblies and their enhanced photoelectric and bioelectric propertiesLi, Rui
2018A bilayer swellable drug-eluting stent for the treatment of fibrosis-induced ureteral stricture recurrenceLim, Wei Shan
2010Bio inspired assemblyChen, Joseph Sihan.
2011Bio-based biodegradable scaffolds for tissue engineering applications : effect of fabrication method and cross-linker concentration on scaffold propertiesXue, Bin.
2009Bio-magnetic nanoparticles based electrochemical biosensor or immunosensorNg, Ying Kiat.
2008Bio-magnetic nanoparticles based electrochemical immunosensorShazzharif Shamsudin.
2018Bioactivty and controlled release studies of ranibizumab from polymeric carriersChua, Hui Yee
2012Bioadhesive thin film formulation using the ultrasonic stent sprayerLim, Sharon See Man.
2009Biocatalytic oxidation by chloroperoxidase from Caldariomyces fumago in polymersome nanoreactorsMadhavan Nallani; Hans-Peter M. de Hoog; Jeroen J. L. M. Cornelissen; Alan E. Rowan; Roeland J. M. Nolte; Isabel W. C. E. Arends