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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Al-Cr-Fe quasicrystals and their applications as reinforcements in the Ti based metal matrix compositesLi, Ruitao
2018Analysis and prediction of residual stress in deep cold rolling of Ti-6Al-4VLim, Andre Sian Lak
2011Anisotropy induced large exchange bias behavior in ball milled Ni–Co–Mn–Sb alloysNayak, Ajaya K.; Sahoo, Roshnee; Suresh, K. G.; Nigam, A. K.; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2015Band alignment of HfAlO/GaN (0001) determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy : effect of in situ SiH4 passivationLiu, Xinke; Liu, Zhihong; Pannirselvam, Somasuntharam; Pan, Jishen; Liu, Wei; Jia, Fang; Lu, Youming; Liu, Chang; Yu, Wenjie; He, Jin; Tan, Leng Seow
2009Characterization of negative thermal expansion of shape memory alloysWong, Yu Lian.
1998Cold - hot isostatic pressing of superalloy compositesNg, Lian Sin.
2000Combined mode fracture of three aluminium alloysOruganti Rajmohan Kashyap
 2015Controllable galvanic synthesis of triangular Ag-Pd alloy nanoframes for efficient electrocatalytic methanol oxidationXu, Lin; Luo, Zhimin; Fan, Zhanxi; Yu, Sijia; Chen, Junze; Liao, Yusen; Xue, Can
2017Corrosion fatigue behaviors of aluminum alloys for offshore applicationsNguyen, Ngoc Vu
2014Corrosion study of hydrothermally deposited coatings on AZ31 Mg alloysZool Ikhsan Abdul Rahman
2001Creep and ageing behaviour of magnesium alloys at high temperaturesLim, Peck Cheng.
1995Creep behaviour of metal matrix composites and alloys for high temperature serviceYang, Rong
1998Deformation and damage mechanisms of austenitic stainless steels and superalloys at high temperaturesTong, Yew Meng.
2000Deformation and fracture of Titanium and Aluminium alloysChew, Kia Guan.
2014Development of morphing UAV actuated with shape memory alloyZhang, Alwyn Jianzhong
1999Development of new fusion welding and induction brazing techniques for the joining of Nickel-based high A1 and Ti containing precipitation strenghtened superalloys and steelsChandel, Roop Singh.; Seow, Hong Pheow.
2001Diffusion bonding of superalloys for aerospace applicationsChandel, Roop Singh.; Seow, Hong Pheow.
2013Effect of direct current stressing to Cu–Cu bond interface imperfection for three dimensional integrated circuitsMade, Riko I.; Peng, Lan; Li, Hong Yu; Gan, Chee Lip; Tan, Chuan Seng
2011Effect of heat treatment on the spheroidisation processLiew, Cindy Xue Fang.
2012Effect of heat treatment on the spheroidisation process of carbon steelLam, Jiang Liang