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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Adhesion enhancement of sol–gel coating on polycarbonate by heated impregnation treatmentWu, Linda Y. L.; Boon, L.; Zeng, X. T.; Chen, Zhong
 2013All-solid-state flexible ultrathin micro-supercapacitors based on grapheneNiu, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Li; Liu, Lili; Zhu, Bowen; Dong, Haibo; Chen, Xiaodong
2002Analysis and characterization of ultra thin SOI MOSFET by MEDICIShin, Chang Yeop.
 2014Anisotropic imprint of amorphization and phase separation in manganite thin films via laser interference irradiationDing, Junfeng; Lin, Zhipeng; Wu, Jianchun; Dong, Zhili; Wu, Tom
 2002Atomic stacking configurations in atomic layer deposited TiN filmsPark, H. S.; Lim, B. K.; Liang, M. H.; Sun, C. Q.; Gao, W.; Li, Sean; Dong, Zhili
2001Atomistic simulation of epitaxial Si film growth on Si (001) surfaceXie, Xuepeng.
2002Atomistic simulation of structure and mobility of dislocation in semiconductorChoo, Zhi Min.
2005Blueshift of optical band gap in ZnO thin films grown by metal-organic chemical-vapor depositionChen, B. J.; Kwok, H. S.; Zhang, X. H.; Chua, S. J.; Tan, Swee Tiam; Sun, Xiaowei; Fan, Weijun
2011Carbon based conductive thin film : fabrication, properties and applicationTantang, Hosea
2002Characterisation of multi-element (Nb, Cr) N thin films deposited by unbalanced magnetron sputteringTan, Jen Ngee.
2004Characterization of aluminium pad under different process conditionsWang, Jian Hua.
2002Characterization of amorphous silicon carbide thin films for display applicationsAhn, Jaeshin; Yoon, Soon Fatt
2009Characterization of sputtered, doped BaTiO3 films for multiferroic applicationsHaghighi, Sara Borhani
2005Characterization of structural and optical properties of Zinc Oxide thin filmsLiu, Yuchan
2009Characterization of tin dioxide (SnO2) based heterojunction and its optical response propertyChan, Weng Cheong.
2010Characterization study of multifunctional thin films and electronic devicesZhang, Chen
2002Chemical characteristics of diamond-like carbon filmsZeng, Aiping
2007Chemically active plasmas for deterministic assembly of nanocrystalline SiC filmCheng, Q. J.; Long, J. D.; Chen, Zhong; Xu, Shuyan
2004Co2 laser annealing of Niti (shape memory) thin films for mems applicationsHe, Qiang.
2014Codoping effects on thermochromic VO2 coatingsCheng, Eg Ming