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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113D current path in stacked devices : metrics and challengesKor, H. B.; Infante, F.; Perdu, P.; Gan, C. L.; Lewis, D.
2011Advanced chemical science-based high-resolution low-cost printing for high performance printed electronicsShi, Jingsheng
2015Amorphous metal oxide thin film transistors for printable electronicsChen, Yuxin
2014Analysis of correlated gate and drain random telegraph noise in post-soft breakdownTiN/HfLaO/SiOx nMOSFETsLiu, Wenhu; Padovani, Andrea; Larcher, Luca; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Pey, Kin Leong
2009Analysis of high-dielectric constant gate stack reliability for nanoscale CMOS devices application via scanning tunneling microscopyOng, Yi Ching
2001Application of chemical mechanical polishing for sub-micron semiconductor device fabricationGoh, Hua Kooi.
2009Barrier layers for copper metallizationBoo, Liping.
2004Barrier properties of thin Au/Ni–P under bump metallization for Sn–3.5Ag solderKumar, Aditya; He, Min; Chen, Zhong
2012BiFeO3 based tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) deviceZhang, Jiazhen
 2014Capacitance of p- and n-doped graphenes is dominated by structural defects regardless of the dopant typeAmbrosi, Adriano; Poh, Hwee Ling; Wang, Lu; Sofer, Zdenek; Pumera, Martin
2014CdS sensitized 3D hierarchical TiO2/ZnO heterostructure for efficient solar energy conversionZheng, Zhaoke; Xie, Wen; Lim, Zhi Shiuh; You, Lu; Wang, Junling
1999Characterisation of amorphous carbon films deposited using ECR-CVDWu, Yangsheng.
2010Characterization of read sensors in hard disk drivesLiew, Li Ting.
2009Cobalt-doped zinc oxide dilute magnetic semiconductors for spintronics devicesLiu, Qing
2012Comment on “Simulation of Schottky and Ohmic contacts on CdTe”Dubecký, František; Dubecký, Matúš
2001Comparative study of current-voltage characteristics of Ni and Ni(Pt)- alloy silicided p+/n diodesMangelinck, D.; Lahiri, S. K.; Chi, Dong Zhi; Lee, Pooi See; Pey, Kin Leong
2014A comprehensive review on the progress of lead zirconate-based antiferroelectric materialsHao, Xihong; Zhai, Jiwei; Kong, Ling Bing; Xu, Zhengkui
2011Concurrent nonvolatile resistance and capacitance switching in LaAlO3Wu, Shuxiang; Peng, Haiyang; Wu, Tom
 2014Conductive nanomaterials for printed electronicsKamyshny, Alexander; Magdassi, Shlomo
2009Contact-displacement PD deposition for electroless copper applicationLau, Ping Ping