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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20121- and 2-dimensional plasmonic nanostructures : design, fabrication and characterizationKang, Husen Kartasasmita
20182D materials for lithium ion batteriesMuhd Iszaki Patdillah
20132D nanosheets-based composite materials for supercapacitorsKong, Xing Yi.
 20143D carbon/cobalt-nickel mixed-oxide hybrid nanostructured arrays for asymmetric supercapacitorsZhu, Jianhui; Jiang, Jian; Sun, Zhipeng; Luo, Jingshan; Fan, Zhanxi; Huang, Xintang; Zhang, Hua; Yu, Ting
2004Absorption-spectral features of single-walled carbon nanotubesZhao, Yang; Wang, Xiujun; Ma, Chi Chiu; Chen, Guan Hua
2013Achieving high Li storage properties in copper oxide based hybrid anodesSomaye Saadat
 2013Advanced nanobiomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicineChua, Chee Kai; Tan, Lay Poh; An, Jia
2014Advances in conceptual electronic nanodevices based on 0D and 1D nanomaterialsZhang, Yafei; Duan, Li Franklin; Zhang, Yaozhong; Wang, Jian; Geng, Huijuan; Zhang, Qing
 2013Ag–AgBr/TiO2/RGO nanocomposite for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of penicillin GWang, Penghua; Tang, Yuxin; Dong, Zhili; Chen, Zhong; Lim, Teik-Thye
 2014Al content-dependent resistive switching in Al-rich AlOxNy thin filmsZhu, W.; Chen, T. P.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.
2015Amine fuctionalized zinc oxide for photocatalytic carbon dioxide reductionLee, Wan Jun
2016Amine-functionalised Cu/ZnO photocatalyst for efficient CO2 reductionToh, Hui Ying
2012Anatase titanium dioxide nanosheets with exposed (001) high-energy facets for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesChen, Junsong
2013Anodic TiO2 nanotube arrays with high surface area for dye-sensitized solar cellsWang, Xiaoyan
2008Antibiotic delivery across the blood-brain barrier by nanoparticle systemLiu, Li Hong
2010Application of carboxylated carbon nanotubes in gas sensingKwan, Ronnie Kwok Hoong.
2008Application of self-assembled morphology as microreactorsLam, Yeng Ming.
 2014Aqueous-based chemical route toward ambient preparation of multicomponent core-shell nanotubesXu, Zhichuan; Hng, Huey Hoon; Yan, Qingyu; Tan, Hui Teng; Rui, Xianhong; Yu, Hong; Liu, Weiling; Xu, Chen
2018Aqueous-only exfoliation of pristine graphite to graphene : towards sustainable, multifunctional polymer nanocompositesSeyed Ismail Seyed Shahabadi
2012Aromatic heterocyclic resin : precursor for carbon materials and high temperature foamsLiu, Ming